Space Cadet

This week’s question is if we would want to travel into outer space.  Maybe I’m naive, but I would LOVE to do that.  Now, I wouldn’t want to travel very far.  I’m like a toddler who doesn’t want to run off too far from their mommy.   I think it would be totally cool to hang out in space.  Not to mention some people think I’m already a bit of a space cadet.

One activity I haven’t done in a long time but absolutely miss it is scuba diving.  If you’ve watched any documentary about space training, you’d know that scuba diving is part of their training.  I miss how you can just float peacefully and look at pretty fish.  In space, you get to look at pretty stars and planets…which admittedly could get pretty boring.  After a while all the stars would look the same and there are only so many planets visible to the naked eye.  But to sit and stare at the Earth from the perspective of space….Wow!  I mean that must be the reaction because every Hollywood movie who has someone blast off into space says some variation of WOW!  Or it’s that stunned look.  Knowing me, I’d be the fool who’d realize she left her camera back at the space station and it won’t be orbiting around for another day.

For the record, I have not seen the movie “Gravity” even though it racked up a bunch of trophies at the Academy Awards the other night.  And perhaps I’d feel differently about wanting to go into space knowing that Sandra Bullock’s character doesn’t exactly have a swell time out there.  And I can’t say that I would dig having to put on so much equipment just to get out there.  (That’s the one part I hate about scuba diving.)  But I’m still fascinated by what it took to break through the gravitational pull and to put men on the moon.  I grew up watching Star Trek and Star Wars.  The Air and Space Museum in DC is my favorite of the Smithsonian museums.  Chance to really be a space cadet?  You bet!

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7 Responses to Space Cadet

  1. Laurie Ryan says:

    I’m with you, Micki. When I was a kid, Lost in Space was a huge show. I decided then that we’d have this capability by oh, say, the year 2000. And I’d be in my forties, which wasn’t at all to old to be out exploring the universe. So I’m IN! (and a not-so-closet Trekkie).


    • Micki Gibson says:

      What I want to know is why everyone gets to wear all that sleek and streamlined stuff when the real space folks have to wear so much. I grew up watching the Jetsons so I want to know where my cute little spacecraft is too. I wanted to be Judy Jetson but I’m afraid I look more like Rosie the Robot maid.


  2. Oh , I am a Trekkie to no end, (not a Trekker, though…not yet anyway.)I’m still thinking about Friday but I think you’d enjoy this one.
    I saw a car in a parking lot outside of Denver a little over 20 years ago.In the place where many people had a streaming decal in their back window proclaiming their alma mater, it had “Starfleet Academy”. I LOVED IT! I pointed it out to my husband who shook his head and said,
    “They can’t complain if anyone calls them a space cadet”!
    I’m still laughing about it.
    I enjoy your space cadetedness,Micki!


  3. jeff7salter says:

    I think I consider Space Cadet a complimentary description, though I have mostly heard it used in a derogatory way … as though that person were too goofy to cope on earth.
    However, to me Space Cadet connotes adventure and excitement… and, of course, bravery to face the unknown.


  4. Iris B says:

    Ok, that cracks me up, only you can compare scuba diving with space diving 🙂 I’m with you with the 20 kgs of extra clothes and such … BUT yes the view would be mind boggling – at least I assume though 🙂


  5. pjharjo says:

    I’ve never wanted to be in space, probably for the same reason I’ve never been scuba-diving. LOL! I don’t even know how to swim. I’ve always been a strictly terrestrial type person. IMHO, you haven’t missed much if you still haven’t seen GRAVITY. I have no idea why it got all the Academy acclaim it did. It was very unrealistic. JMHO 🙂


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