The fun and escape value of children’s (animated?) movies

My boyfriend and I go to see a lot of children’s movies, but have never used a kid as an excuse to go see one of them. They are just plain fun! We find them fun to watch because of their lightheartedness and their over-the-top humor – as in adult humor that children can’t grasp. That aspect makes them really funny. And we are just kids at heart, anyway. 😉

we are all little kids inside

running away

But maybe I’m just a bit confused here. By “children’s movie” are we talking simply animated or geared toward kids? Although there are lots of others we’ve seen and enjoyed; one of our favorites is the “Cars” series. We have differing opinions on this set of movies, though. Whereas he believes they are geared more toward adults (because of all the “adult innuendoes throughout”); I think they are more of a children’s series because of their cartoonish nature.


I loved the Yogi Bear movie, too. 🙂 It took me right back to my childhood. I’ve even got a real pic-a-nic basket, just like the one Yogi likes! LOL!  (Of course we saw it in 3D!)

Yogi Bear


Mary Poppins was a favorite, too!  “I Love to Laugh” is a theme song of mine more often than not.  🙂

I love to laugh

How about you?   What are your opinions on whether all animated features are geared more specifically toward children?

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10 Responses to The fun and escape value of children’s (animated?) movies

  1. I fully believe that they are geared towards children – it’s a huge market! Big money maker to get the kids to the theatre. Of course, to get the kids there, the parents have to sit through the movie, so a lot of kids movies have references only grown ups will get on purpose – they do that just to keep the parents interested and willing to take the kids in the future.
    Personally, I love that – it worked for me – I love the movie on both the kid level and the adult level! It lets me be the kid I am and tickles my grown up brain!


  2. pjharjo says:

    I never thought about it that way, Kate! As Spock would say, “It’s logical” that the movies would have added entertainment value included for the parents. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


  3. jeff7salter says:

    I agree that many of us adults are still kids at heart.
    The best “kids movies” are those which can appeal to BOTH the kids and the adults. I think the CARS series (though I’ve only seen the first one) is successful at that. Most of the classic Disney films were also, in my opinion.
    I haven’t seen Yogi Bear yet.
    I was never a big fan of Mary Poppins, though I like the chimney sweep song a lot.


    • pjharjo says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Jeff. I guess it was my little girl’s heart that MP appealed to with the magic of it all (and the handsome chimney sweep) 😉


  4. I think Kate has it for sure. And Jeff, I thought I was the only person who was not a Mary Poppins fan!


  5. Laurie Ryan says:

    I have grandkids visiting on a regular basis, though I’ve been known to watch a movie or two without them. My favorites are Little Mermaid and Swiss Family Robinson.


  6. pjharjo says:

    And we can’t forget Old Yeller!


  7. Iris B says:

    I agree with the others, they’re kids’ movies, but with that little bit of extra touch for an adult to enjoy as well … quite often that I’ve watched a movie and thought, wow did the girls get that?
    Never watched MP …. very British/American ….Seen the Yogi Bear movie, entertaining indeed, but not so much my style.


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