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The fun and escape value of children’s (animated?) movies

My boyfriend and I go to see a lot of children’s movies, but have never used a kid as an excuse to go see one of them. They are just plain fun! We find them fun to watch because of … Continue reading

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Tangled in a Frozen El Dorado

Oh my goodness gracious, hallelujah, wham bang … We’re talking “Children’s movies” My inner child talking here, what a topic … and so little time. Eek. Where do I start? I’ve always loved kids’ movies. Always watched them and even … Continue reading

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Although I deleted my last post, [Stories Told In and Out of School],it is bound to be somewhere out in cyberspace, and I am very sorry that it is. We were to write this week about stories told to us … Continue reading

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Stories I Was Told as a Child

By Jeff Salter Gosh, I’m sure I was told MANY stories as a child, but when I thought about this topic, these two jumped right to the forefront. First, let me say that I remember first hearing these WAY back … Continue reading

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Brushes with Greatness

Like my blogmates, I wasn’t sure what kind of “child’s tales” we were supposed to talk about this week, but I’m going with memories of stories from my childhood since I think there’s some law prohibiting me from spilling about … Continue reading

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Knights in Shining White Armour

Stories you were told or heard when you were a child. I guess I’m going to have to go back to the basic fairy tale on this one. I grew up looking forward to the prince in shining white armour … Continue reading

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You’re perfect to me

“My mom told me that I should trust the man who could see the sorrow behind my smile, the love behind my anger, and the reasons behind my silence.” ― Jill Shalvis, Always On My Mind     We seem to enter … Continue reading

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Wolf Whistle

We are asked this week about a TV actor or actress we’d really like to meet. Well, here we go again. That isn’t far from the same question about wanting to meet celebrates that we answered last year, and I … Continue reading

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TV Stars I’d Like To Meet

… Though some of them have already passed away By Jeff Salter This week we’re discussing favorite TV actors and/or actresses we really wish we could meet.  I can think of many, and only a few are still alive. Red … Continue reading

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