Good … Gooder … Goodest … Really?

Welcome everybody!

Today is the 7th July which is the 188th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 177 days remaining until the end of the year.
It’s also Chocolate Day and Tell-the-truth Day!

(… Shame we need a special day for that!!)

Anyway … we’re borderline talking English Grammar this week, it’s going to be a challenge 🙂 Grammar and proper pronunciation is important in this household. My girls grow up with two languages, and I believe they need to speak their native language as best as possible. Learning a language is copying what you hear, and as you all know, my English is good, but by far not good enough.

So – the topic for this week is Pet Peeve Phrases. I have to admit, it had me somewhat stuck. As much as I’ve heard about the term Pet Peeve Phrases, I had no idea what it actually meant. So I checked with my friend Wikipedia: “A pet peeve is a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to themselves, to a greater degree than others may find it.”

You really want me to get started on this?

So bear in mind, I make mistakes, many mistakes, nobody’s perfect, right, but when I see incorrect spelling like your instead of you’re, or the incorrect use of to, two, and too or their, there, and they’re, everything inside me wants to scream. Ditto with would of would’ve.


My little girl had a phase when she couldn’t figure out the difference between much and many. It drove me nearly insane, although in hindsight, I believe later on she did it on purpose for the attention 🙂

Oh, and before I go, “Have a guess who I saw today”. Never, ever ask me that question unless you’re certain I know the answer!

Lastly, what drives me absolutely up the wall is people not using the correct comparative and superlative adjective, like “he’s more better than me”. That, my dear friends, is an absolute no no. And sadly, it pops up more and more in books nowadays 😦

I’m sure you’ve got a pet peeve phrase … c’mon, don’t be shy tell us!

About Iris B

Iris Blobel was born and raised in Germany and only immigrated to Australia in the late 1990s. Having had the travel bug most of her life, Iris spent quite some time living in Scotland, London as well as Canada where she actually had met her future husband. Her love for putting her stories onto paper has only recently emerged, but now her laptop is a constant companion. Iris resides west of Melbourne with her husband and her beautiful two daughters as well as her dog.
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8 Responses to Good … Gooder … Goodest … Really?

  1. Iris, your English is is far superior to most American’s, which is a compliment to you,but hardly to the people with whom I must deal with daily. Bad grammar and a grasp of what should automatically sound good to their own ear eludes many, many people.
    I think you stuck a lot of nerves today and I fear that since we are all writers here,I will have few to be able to touch on by Friday. You hit many of mine today.


  2. “Could care less”. Really? Then do it – care less about it!


    • Iris B says:

      LOL … funny you’re mentioning this one. During my “research” about Pet Peeve Phrases I came across that one quite a bit, but can’t really say that i’ve ever heard anybody saying it.


  3. jeff7salter says:

    Sorry I’m late. Yeah, I have a bunch of pet peeves, including “would of”. I’d better save some for Hound Day tomorrow, but suffice it to say that I’m very conscious of words (especially when they’re used badly).


  4. pjharjo says:

    You’ve got me beat! Your (note the spelling) use of the English language is better than my use of the Australian language! LOL! I enjoyed your post. Peeps who spell words wrong or use one with a different meaning than their intent in their writing also annoy me. 🙂 (now I’ll probably go annoy myself with a misspelled word that has the wrong meaning someplace.) LOL!


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