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Writers, Write Right!

This is a “free” week here at Four Foxes, One Hound but I have been busy all week. I was stuck for a topic until I took a moment to grab a book from a bag that was handed to … Continue reading

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Is Your New Apartment Haunted?

The Ghostess and MISTER Muir By Jeff Salter If you discovered you’d just rented a converted hotel suite which had been haunted for the past 100 years, wouldn’t you be skeered? Not Levi Muir. He doesn’t believe in spooks. He … Continue reading

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Love Overcomes

This is our free week and I have been trying to figure out what to write about. A friend of mine pointed out that in less than one week I will FINALLY have my first book released. Oh my, that … Continue reading

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Hmmm I had forgotten all about my this week’s post.  Not much happening here.  The first in my CONNECTIONS series will be out very soon.  I’m waiting for edits on my Kindle and CreateSpace covers.  They should be ready in … Continue reading

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Breaking Bread With the Breakfast Club

This has been designated FREE WEEK at Four Foxes, One Hound, which means that I need to find my own topic to write about. I could write about one of my many hobbies, but since I understand I’m going to … Continue reading

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Relish Cranberries!

When a former Fox suggested this week’s topic, “Your Favorite Recipe”, she added, “one for Tonette!” Little did she know how I groaned at seeing it. My favorite recipe? As hard as listing my favorite books and authors, I at … Continue reading

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Origins of MacTunaPea

The Origins (and Recipe) of MacTunaPea OR… as some people call it, TunaMacPea by Jeff Salter I should probably explain that I’m not handy in the kitchen and I’m loathe to prepare dishes with multiple, complicated steps. My basic rule … Continue reading

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hot chocolate

This week we’re to post a favorite recipe. It is that time of year where hot chocolate is something the kids ask for all the time, their friends from church want hot chocolate brought to them. They go to school … Continue reading

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Simple Summer Smoothies

  I posted this as a draft last week, but I can’t find where the drafts on this blog are kept. Can anybody here help me?? For this week’s topic, I’m supposed to share my favorite recipe. 0?  Scratching my … Continue reading

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A Non-Cook’s Recipe

If last week’s topic was a challenge, this week’s is even more so! I don’t cook much – not because I can’t, and not because I don’t want to, but because I don’t have to. When hubby and I divided … Continue reading

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