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Still and Always,Large and Small

I’m writing this early in the week because being the Friday Fox means I’d have to get this written by Thursday and this week it’s Thanksgiving Day, so you understand my need for speed here. Being Thanksgiving week, we are … Continue reading

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Thank You Very Much

Thanksgiving Day 2014 By Jeff Salter Since I’m the Hound and Hound Day is on Thursdays, I always get the Thanksgiving Day post. And I have much to be thankful for. Yesterday, for example, we had our son and daughter … Continue reading

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We say the word ‘thankful’ nearly every day. It seems common place, just a regular word that is used in our household. Everyone here is thankful for something different. My youngest is thankful for chocolate and legos. My middle child … Continue reading

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A Few Words from the Absentee Fox  I hope I’m not going to be run out of this fox den, but I’m just at a loss for memory lately!  But I have been busy!  J  As part of my loss … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks for the Little Things

This week we’re sharing things we are thankful for. I really have nothing to complain about, so I could be extremely brief and simply say I’m thankful for my life the way it is, but that wouldn’t be fair to … Continue reading

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Guest:Author Gretchen Archer/Giveaway!

It is my great pleasure to have as my guest author Gretchen Archer, the woman behind the Davis Way Crime Series. If you have not read the series, I cannot recommend the stories more highly if you enjoy mystery, intrigue, … Continue reading

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Boxed Set Bargain – Screwball Comedies

By Jeff Salter TWO full-length screwball romantic comedies for only $3.99 Curing the Uncommon Man-Cold           & Scratching the Seven Month Itch A new boxed-set of my two screwball comedies has been released by Dingbat Publishing. … Continue reading

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