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little things

When looking back on this past year what is it that I will remember, what will stick so much in my memory that years and years later I shall recall it? I no longer write my end of the year … Continue reading

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Sad and Happy

“Thinking about the ending year or the new year.” I’m going to talk a little about the end and the beginning. 2015 can only be a better year for me; at least that’s my prayer.  I’d thought to have the … Continue reading

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A Backward Glance

This week’s topic is pretty broad: “Thinking about the ending year or the new year.” It’s hard to do one without thinking about the other – at least it is for me. I’ve always been told I’m an optimist, so … Continue reading

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T’was the Day After Christmas…

We are writing about Christmas memories this week and since Christmas was yesterday, I sincerely hope that you will have fond memories to take with you from this year’s holiday. I thought that I would use the day after Christmas … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas to All

… and to All a Good Night! By Jeff Salter           It’s Christmas Day and I find myself recalling Christmases many years ago. [I wrote this column three years ago and don’t think I can improve … Continue reading

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Monopoly, Chicken Pox, and stockings

Today is Christmas Eve and I am here to share some Christmas memories with you. One of my favorite Christmas memories is the year my two older brothers and I all came down with the chicken pox. We couldn’t go … Continue reading

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I hope this doesn’t show up twice EEEK!

Please forgive me if this shows up twice.  I thought I just published it, but it didn’t show up!  Here is my social media post about the CONNECTIONS Series ~ Just in time for last minute gifts!  Janette Harjo’s entire … Continue reading

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