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I somehow missed my March 27 post.  I have absolutely no idea of or excuse for why that happened! I’m covering both, this week, so as not to impinge on any of the other foxes’ or the hound’s time here. … Continue reading

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Helping Hands at Work

It’s another free week, which means I once again get to tell you about some of the people I spend time with regularly. This time I want to tell you about my church’s quilting group. We call ourselves the Helping … Continue reading

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I Try to Cover It All

After covering what covers what would make us want to buy a book by its cover, we approach what would turn us off of a book, by its cover. This is hard. Purchasing ability aside, (because I have had a … Continue reading

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How I Select Books – Part TWO

By Jeff Salter We’re doing a two-part set about the aspects of books which draw our attention and/or compel us to purchase / read. Last week, we focused on book COVERS. This week we’ll address how or why a book’s … Continue reading

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What I won’t buy

What would make me not buy a book? Oh, wow I have never really thought about WHY I do not purchase a book. Though when I think about it I suppose there are a lot of things that come into … Continue reading

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Thanks, but No Thanks

This week’s question: What about a theme would NOT entice you to buy? After thinking about this, I realized the key word here is BUY. I get a lot of books free – my iPad is full of books I … Continue reading

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That About Covers It

The question this week is: What on a book cover entices you to pick up and buy? That might be hard to pin down. Who knows what attracts one person more than another? It is often just a matter of … Continue reading

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