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Guest Fox Opal Campbell, Again

Welcome Back, Guest Fox Opal Campbell By Jeff Salter Absolutely delighted to welcome Opal Campbell back to 4F1H as my Guest Fox. The last time she was here on Aug. 29, 2012, she was talking about her writing, but today … Continue reading

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Kelly Martin- 30 Second Writer Tips

This week I asked author Kelly Martin if she would like to be a guest poster. I adore Kelly’s books and subscribe to her Youtube channel. Here is Kelly….. I admit it… I’m a ‘writer tip’ junkie.   What does … Continue reading

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And Now For Today’s Review!

Hi All! My review for today is on a genre I don’t normally read, but found myself on the EDGE OF MY SEAT! By Andrew Saxsma was a well-written story of revenge and penance.  The story of a father’s undying … Continue reading

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Guest Author: Lora Lee

I’m fortunate to belong to two different groups of writers. One is my local RWA group – the Mid-Michigan Romance Writers of America. Since the group travels and meets in a different city each month I don’t get to every … Continue reading

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Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind?

Regrets. One of us decided that our “regrets” would make a good topic of conversation. Ouch! I started this post several times and at one point my list was quite long. This will probably be the shortest post you will … Continue reading

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Mulligans and Do-overs

Things I’d Like Another Chance At By Jeff Salter Well, in golf, a Mulligan is when you make a really rotten shot and are allowed to take it over (with no penalty). Of course, it was NOT allowed in official … Continue reading

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Opening night

There are several things that I regret. Things that I should have done differently. I would have done better in school. I would not have gotten into so much trouble. I would have studied more. Opening night of the play … Continue reading

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Do or Not Do; There is No Try

This week’s topic is at odds with me.  There are things I’d like to do again, but the only things that coincide with “now that I know better” are things I’d Definitely NOT like to do again.  LOL! But now … Continue reading

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Dear Grandma, I Forgot to Ask You…

This week’s topic is “Do-overs and Mulligans – stuff I’d like to try again, now that I know better.” I guess I’ve got my share of regrets like everyone else. I wish I’d thought to apologize to the guy I … Continue reading

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Reading Writing Rant

On this, a ‘free’ week, I have chosen to talk about writing and reading. Last week we asked readers what they want to see in romance novels and many times, we were told what readers did  not want to see … Continue reading

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