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Hmm… We have another Free Week

I really don’t have anything to talk about this week.  Nothing to promote.  The box for my 3 book CONNECTIONS Series isn’t ready, yet, and I’m still polishing my Halloween romance.  Oh!  I have joined a Meetups critique group.  I … Continue reading

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A Little Slice of Japan

It’s free week once again at Four Foxes, One Hound! This time I thought I’d take you along on a picture tour of a wonderful new place in my hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Grand Rapids is fortunate to have … Continue reading

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Unseen Characters

This week the Four Foxes and the Hound are discussing their secondary characters….that leaves me a little sort this time. Most of my published work has been non-fiction and poetry. My only real award came for song lyrics. However, I … Continue reading

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It Takes a Village

Support System — Secondary Characters By Jeff Salter We’re discussing supporting characters and/or subplots this week. Not sure why I was surprised that Patricia Kiyono’s Monday post would explain an approach so close to my own, in many respects. As … Continue reading

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Be well developed

I don’t really think about people in my stories as secondary characters. I try to give them all the same amount of thought and depth that I give the hero or heroine. When I am writing it is easier for … Continue reading

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My Secondary Characters?

                                                              This week I am asked what do I think of or ask of my secondary characters.  Truth be told, I’m so focused on my Hero and Heroine’s story I never really think of my secondary characters; they just show … Continue reading

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Also Starring…

This week we’re discussing secondary characters in the stories we create. According to a few sources I checked, secondary characters are more important to the plot than minor characters, but not as important as the major characters. Actually, I find them as … Continue reading

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