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Hmm… We have another Free Week

I really don’t have anything to talk about this week.  Nothing to promote.  The box for my 3 book CONNECTIONS Series isn’t ready, yet, and I’m still polishing my Halloween romance.  Oh!  I have joined a Meetups critique group.  I … Continue reading

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A Little Slice of Japan

It’s free week once again at Four Foxes, One Hound! This time I thought I’d take you along on a picture tour of a wonderful new place in my hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Grand Rapids is fortunate to have … Continue reading

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Unseen Characters

This week the Four Foxes and the Hound are discussing their secondary characters….that leaves me a little sort this time. Most of my published work has been non-fiction and poetry. My only real award came for song lyrics. However, I … Continue reading

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It Takes a Village

Support System — Secondary Characters By Jeff Salter We’re discussing supporting characters and/or subplots this week. Not sure why I was surprised that Patricia Kiyono’s Monday post would explain an approach so close to my own, in many respects. As … Continue reading

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Be well developed

I don’t really think about people in my stories as secondary characters. I try to give them all the same amount of thought and depth that I give the hero or heroine. When I am writing it is easier for … Continue reading

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My Secondary Characters?

                                                              This week I am asked what do I think of or ask of my secondary characters.  Truth be told, I’m so focused on my Hero and Heroine’s story I never really think of my secondary characters; they just show … Continue reading

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Also Starring…

This week we’re discussing secondary characters in the stories we create. According to a few sources I checked, secondary characters are more important to the plot than minor characters, but not as important as the major characters. Actually, I find them as … Continue reading

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Excuses, Excuses

The question of the week is what makes a ‘good’ villain in a story. The answer is basically easy: Good writing. But of course, there is more to it than that. Does a villain need a backstory? Do we need … Continue reading

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What makes an effective literary villain?

When a good villain is bad… but there are nuances By Jeff Salter The specific question this week is: “what makes a good villain” in a book or story? As some of my co-bloggers have already noted, the word GOOD … Continue reading

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Villains I like…

What makes a good villain? Villains are every where. Most stories have them, some are so well written that people fall in love with them. Have you seen people walking around with Darth Vader shirts? Girls going crazy over Loki? … Continue reading

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