My Secondary Characters?

secondary characaters                                                              supporting characters

This week I am asked what do I think of or ask of my secondary characters.  Truth be told, I’m so focused on my Hero and Heroine’s story I never really think of my secondary characters; they just show up when called for in my seat of the pants writing technique.  🙂

secondary characters on Happy Days

They are usually friends of my main characters who are there to show support or add filling to what I’ve written.  When they aren’t there to show support, then they enter the story to work on the antagonist’s behalf (whether they know that or not).  Simply put; they are my pawns in the game of chess my H&H and the villain play.

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Janette is an author of Romantic Paranormal Fantasy. CONNECTIONS, her first series, is Indie published. You can follow her or sign up for her newsletter, and learn more about her new releases as they become available, at She lives in the beautiful and prolific Pacific NW of the USA.
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3 Responses to My Secondary Characters?

  1. jeff7salter says:

    Not exclusively, but I’m kinda a pants-ster also. I’ve found when I’ve created a new character as a walk-on, mainly to advance the plot or the info, that sometimes I want that person to stick around or appear in an additional scene. In a couple of those cases, that character has become one of my favorites of the supporting cast.


  2. I’m more of a pantster, too and most of my characters have minds of their own.
    Shhhhh! Don’t let them hear you call them ‘pawns’; they might not cooperate!


  3. Laurie Ryan says:

    My secondary characters always find a way into my heart, which is why I keep feeling like I need to write spin-off stories. 🙂

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