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A GOOD Villain?

                                                                          This week’s topic could be read in 2 different ways.  While what makes a “good” villain could imply the villain is actually “good” and not a bad person – it could also mean (which I believe today’s topic … Continue reading

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Characters We Love to Hate

This week, one of the foxes asked, “What do you think makes a good villain in a book or story?” Back when I was young, the definition of villain would have been “the bad guy” in a western or crime … Continue reading

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I Tippy, Tippy Toe Thru My Garden

[If you ever saw the great Han Conried on “I Love Lucy”, you’ll get the title.] We are discussing gardens this week…so much to choose from! I have vegetable-gardened only a few times. I had moderate success , but my … Continue reading

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Gardens: Images & Memories

By Jeff Salter Our weekly topic is gardens — experiences, memories, and mental images. I should begin with the admission that I’m no gardener. I admire those folks with green thumbs who know their soils and plants and tend them … Continue reading

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Future Garden

I love gardens! It is one of the reasons I look forward to getting a house, right now I live in an apartment with NO outdoor space at all. In high school I was a member of FFA and loved … Continue reading

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Do I Garden??

Hmm…  Do I garden…?  Anything I try to grow dies.  Poor plants. Actually, I don’t believe I do my upbringing justice because I do have memories of my parents’ garden.  They actually had a pretty much self-sustaining lifestyle.  Besides their … Continue reading

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How Does My Garden Grow?

Topic of the week: Gardens…do you garden? Any special garden come to mind? Any memories involving gardens? Any stories? When it comes to growing gardens, I have what is called a “Black Thumb.” With one exception, I have never been … Continue reading

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Sum,Sum, Summertime!

Topic this week: How does our routines change during the Summer? As resident foodie here, that is a big change during the warmer months: food. Soups and stews, casseroles and roasts are just too warming and heavy for the hot … Continue reading

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Routines in the Summer

By Jeff Salter We’re yakking this week about whether (and how) things are different in our summer schedules. When I was a kid, of course, the summers were heavenly: no school. Could wake up when I wanted (more or less)… … Continue reading

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working until 3am

How does my schedule change in the summer? Oh my goodness I am so much more forgetful in the summer than the rest of the year. All three of my children are home in the summer and often my nephew … Continue reading

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