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My Mind’s Eye

This week we are asked if we use ‘visuals’ when doing our writing. That is to say, do we seek out pictures that match our expectations of our characters and settings? Many writers go so far as to have bulletin … Continue reading

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Visualize This

By Jeff Salter It’s a two-parter this week: Do I use visuals when writing? When in the writing process do I settle the visual issues of character and setting? My jumbled up answers will (hopefully) respond to both. Do I … Continue reading

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The Visual

This week’s topic is visuals while writing. When I first started writing Love Overcomes I did not use visuals. I knew what my characters and where they were at looked like. As I talked to some of my friends who … Continue reading

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0? Off Topic?

I seem to have been off on what topic I should be writing on, but I’m going to go with the subject I have for this week as it seems to be the same as Patricia has written her Monday … Continue reading

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A Picture is Worth … Less Writing Time!

This week one of our foxes asked a question about our writing process – specifically, whether or not we use visuals when writing. I think this is a very logical thing to do – but then, no one has ever … Continue reading

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Don’t want to change

I completely missed this week. I’ve been away from my place all week. Burning the midnight oil to get things done for a book so it can be out on time in the fall. Here is my post for this … Continue reading

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“There’ll Be Some Changes Made”

“If I were suddenly a bestselling author with lots of fame & royalties… how might my life and/or my typical days be different?” That is the question of the week. Well, I think I covered what I would do altruistically … Continue reading

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