My answer to this week’s question: “How do you keep cool during the Dog Days of Summer?” is a relatively easy one for me to answer. 🙂

Dog Days

To begin with, I live in a third floor apartment. It catches all the breezes. All I need to do is keep the windows open on each end and the natural air-conditioning system kicks into gear. At the times there isn’t a breeze, I have a fan that I position by the windows and keep it pointed in my direction wherever I am. It’s blowing on me and keeping me cool right now as I type this. There is also a large ceiling fan in my kitchen next door that I use while in there. Sometimes they’re both on.

breeze blowing through window

But sometimes I get to go outside. I say “get to” because I love the heat! (The reason I use fans inside is because it gets stuffy if the air isn’t moving.) And when it’s hot I get to pull out all my cute summer clothes! Which brings something funny to mind. You’ve all heard about the “little old man” in nursing homes who chases all the women around in his wheelchair? He lives at my momma’s care center where he chases all the women around! He always whines when summer ends and all the shorts are put away.

little old man in wheelchair


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Janette is an author of Romantic Paranormal Fantasy. CONNECTIONS, her first series, is Indie published. You can follow her or sign up for her newsletter, and learn more about her new releases as they become available, at She lives in the beautiful and prolific Pacific NW of the USA.
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  1. Jeanne says:

    What ‘dog days of summer’? It’s winter here, and it’s cold and wet and yucky. I NEED SOME HEAT! LOL

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  2. jeff7salter says:

    Not sure how I keep cool, but I’ll have a few more weeks to think about it before I have to figure it out.


  3. That is the one great thing and the one I miss most about living in most of the western parts of the USA: low humidity and the breeze and nightfall brought natural air conditioning! Enjoy it! Here, if you live in an apartment building, the higher you go, the more heat rises and you are worse off. Right where I am now, if the temperature becomes higher than than somewhere in the high 80s. there is a big chance on thunderstorms and often, severe ones.
    That man in the nursing home is a real rascal!
    (You leap-frogged a week here, Janette; we had a free-week this week.”Heat” is next week’s topic. You can always check out The Monday Fox beforehand.)


  4. pjharjo says:

    Or mixed-up communications. 😉


    • Patricia Kiyono says:

      I’m glad Jeff verified that I had the right topic yesterday. I got worried that maybe I had it wrong. But yes, Dog Days is for next month. You’re a month ahead, which isn’t always bad!

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