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Whaddaya Mean, Summer’s Over?

This week’s question: Are there any summer projects you want/hope/need to finish up before the summer is over? As a teacher, my year is shaped by the school schedule. In Michigan, school starts the day after Labor Day for kindergarten … Continue reading

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A Gem of a Story

A story inspired by a piece of jewelry… When I suggested this topic, I had in mind a very touching story that involved me in a minor way. I then feared that nearly everyone else would have a story involving … Continue reading

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Inspired by a Sparkler

4F1HBy Jeff Salter By Jeff Salter We’re all about jewelry this week and since I wear none besides a wedding band and a watch, let me tell you this true story about a real sparkler (that caught my eye). I … Continue reading

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Diaper Desperado

I don’t have a lot of jewelry so this week I went to talk to my parents. There were so many wonderful pieces to choose from, many with a story behind them. I got to see a civil war medal … Continue reading

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“Use a piece of jewelry for inspiration” I think this week’s topic calls for a repeat for me. I believe I’ve already told you about my necklace. It’s a typewriter key with my initial “J” on it. I received this … Continue reading

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Watch the Watch

I don’t wear much jewelry, so when I saw this week’s topic was “Use a piece of jewelry for inspiration” I was stumped. I don’t wear rings or earrings, and I have three necklaces I wear when I want to … Continue reading

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The World Needs More Love Letters

Free week…what do we discuss this time? How about random acts of encouragement? This week I ran across a post on Facebook for “The World Need More Love Letters”. It was started by a young woman who suffered from loneliness … Continue reading

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