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This Cat Has Poop Loops

Or… how not to wash a cat’s butt By Jeff Salter Alley Cat Flashback (from Nov. 2002) My wife brought home that raggedy alley cat again this weekend.  It keeps drinking from my water glass, tried last night to eat … Continue reading

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Jade: Out of the Ashes

I had a new release last week. I think I will use this free week to tell you a bit about it. It all started when my daughter requested a fairy tale inspired story. She read Love Overcomes but it … Continue reading

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A Stretch of the Imagination

Hmm… This week’s topic is going to take a stretch of my imagination. Off to think… “/ Okay. I’ve showered and shaved. What? You tell me this is TMI? While all that was going on I considered talking about things … Continue reading

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Summertime Barbecue and Family Fun

This is a free week! I decided to write about an event I attended this weekend. It involves two of my favorite activities: performing and eating! One of the advantages of living in West Michigan is that in less than … Continue reading

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I’m Cool, Man

This week’s question: How do you keep cool during the dog days of summer? A/C! When I was a kid, growing up in the Washington, D.C. suburbs, we didn’t have air conditioning; no one I knew had central A/C. There … Continue reading

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Keeping My Cool

Chilling on These Summer “Dog Days” By Jeff Salter How do I feel about the heat of summer? Am I able to stay reasonably cool? How? Before I say anything else, let me clarify that I’d rather be too warm … Continue reading

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The hot days of summer

The hottest parts of summer are over where I live. It is still hot out but I do not think there will be many more heat advisory days. Which is wonderful. How do I deal with the summer heat? I … Continue reading

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