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National Not-Writing Month

This week’s topic focuses on a yearly writing challenge called National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo for short. The event is also called NaNo. People who sign up for this challenge strive to write a 50,000 word novel during the … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Leftovers

I hope everyone in the U.S. who reads us here had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We here at 4F, 1H are talking about Thanksgiving traditions this week , and since I am the Friday Fox, and so my post falls the … Continue reading

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Traditions at Thanksgiving

… and Non-Traditions, too By Jeff Salter This whole week at 4F1H, I’ve been wracking my brain for images which I’d consider “traditions” — for how or where I’d spent Thanksgiving. I took the sense of that topic as being … Continue reading

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Popcorn, pretzels, and turkey?

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. While this year is a little off because it is the first year when I will not have all of my children here we did have our Thanksgiving dinner two weeks ago. We’ll still do our traditions … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Tradition? What’s that?

The last Thanksgiving Tradition I remember was when I was little and within geographical reach of a bunch of relatives.  Every year we all gathered together and while the “grown-ups” visited, us kid cousins made mischief, um, had fun.  <:}> … Continue reading

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But We’ve Always Done it THIS Way…

This week’s topic is Thanksgiving traditions. I looked up the word tradition because I wasn’t sure exactly what length of time a particular way of doing things had to exist before it became a tradition. Of course, none of my … Continue reading

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Movie-ing Thanksgiving

It’s our monthly “Free Week” here at 4F,1H. Next week’s topic is “Thanksgiving”, since we will celebrate it on this coming Thursday. However, since I am The Friday Fox, the topic then will be  moot. Few will be visiting here … Continue reading

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Stuck on Cloud Eight

Stuck on Cloud Eight By J. L. Salter My newest novel — released Nov. 16. Romantic comedy that’s high in the sky. $3.99. Two FIVE-star Amazon reviews in its first three days! Static Electricity Jolts Their Fingertips–and that’s just … Continue reading

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Preparing for Winter

Winter is coming and I’m getting ready for it. The kitchen is stocked and all the winter garments are clean. With the first snowfall of the year less than a week away (according to the forecast) and the possibility of … Continue reading

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What to Write About…

What to Write About…   I really don’t have anything to write about on this free week.  Nothing’s going on with my writing other than the daily usual work. I belong to an online 100×100 group where we either write … Continue reading

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