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Help, my books have taken over the house

…So I need to add on a room! By Jeff Salter It’s New Year’s Eve so I really feel I should say at least something about the year that ends tonight and the one which begins after midnight. But that’s … Continue reading

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Too Old for BookIt?

With the New Year coming many people are setting up reading goals. I have never in my adult life set a reading goal. The last time I had one set I was involved in the BookIt program where I got … Continue reading

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To Be Read by Me?

What’s on top of my new year TBR list, one of the foxes at 4f1h asks? Not a thing.  Oh, I have many things I plan to read, but none of them ranks at the top – right now. To … Continue reading

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What’s on Your TBR List?

As 2015 draws to a close, I’m busy trying to get things done that should have been finished months ago. I’ve given up on writing projects – hopefully two months of not writing will result in a fresh look at … Continue reading

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My Angle on Christmas Characters

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone has a wonderful day, whether you celebrate the holy holiday or not. I wish peace on Earth for all of you. The question of the week here at Four Foxes, One Hound is: What character … Continue reading

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Christmas Story Character on Christmas Eve

Which Christmas Story Character? By Jeff Salter Well, it’s Christmas Eve and Hound Day … and my task is to note which Christmas story character I’d like to be. Let me start, as I sometimes do, with a hedge: there … Continue reading

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Step Into A White Christmas

This week we were asked if we could be a character in a Christmas story who would we be and why? This was a hard one. I could not think of any book where I would want to be a … Continue reading

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A Character in a Christmas Story?

Hmm… Today’s topic, “If you could be a character in a Christmas story, which story and character would it be and why?”  is going to be a stretch for me.  I haven’t read enough Christmas stories to have any particular one … Continue reading

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At this time of year, most of the books I read have Christmas themes and settings. I often place myself in the story as I’m reading. Lately, of course I’ve been reading romances because that’s what I write. But this … Continue reading

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A Movie For Christmas, If You Are Free on Free Week

Here it is, another ‘free’ week on 4F,1H and I have been anything but free. It’s one week before Christmas and around here, that is pretty much crunch time. I had an idea for this week on Monday, wrote a … Continue reading

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