Step Into A White Christmas

This week we were asked if we could be a character in a Christmas story who would we be and why? This was a hard one. I could not think of any book where I would want to be a character. While I love “A Christmas Caro”l I certainly do not want to be in the story.

So I decided to shift gears to my favorite Christmas movie. White Christmas. I managed to go my entire childhood not watching this movie. A few years back I was staying with my parents for a few months while my kids and I were waiting for a house to get prepared for us. My dad broke his wrist and had to be off work for recovery from the surgery that followed. It was my youngest child’s second Christmas (he had just turned 1 that November) so there were many sleepless nights for me. With my dad being off work he was determined to stick to his third shift schedule and so he was awake at night baking and watching old movies. That year it seemed that White Christmas was on tv every night (I was usually in the living room about 2 in the morning trying to get Wyatt back to sleep when all he wanted to do was play because Grandpa was there). So I finally watched White Christmas. It became my favorite movie.

So I think if I could be a character in a Christmas movie I would go with Betty Haynes and here is why. She is down to earth and practical. She tries to keep her head on straight even when she is falling in love with the handsome crooner Bob Wallace. Then there is the fact that she and her sister are a great musical act. Betty could really sing. I think it would be a lot of fun to go on stage every night and sing. To be a part of show that Wallace and Davis are putting together.

While Betty’s clothes were not as cute as her sister Judy’s, they were still fashionable. I have always enjoyed fashions of days gone by and her dresses were perfect.

The atmosphere of the 50s seems a lot more appealing than present day. In my eyes it seems that those were simpler, more peaceful times. I have always loved to listen to stories of how things used to be. This movie depicts that even more. Things were not as rushed. They had to get to the inn to work so they get on a train. They were not always glued to a television screen or a phone. They had actual conversations with each other. So Emma hangs around the phone a little, at least enough to overhear part of a conversation and mix things up enough to cause some needed conflict but I mean people were connecting. I like that, I hear about people who get together and all they do is stare at their phone. In White Christmas people gathered together and they enjoyed each other’s company.

Betty follows her dreams, she falls in love, she keeps her family close, and she gets to enjoy a white Christmas. I think I would like to step into White Christmas for a bit. I think that is a great story. 🙂

I wish you all a Merry Christmas!


About Angela Schroeder

Angela Schroeder is a single mother of three. She was born and raised in Iowa in a river town known for its pearl buttons. Having four siblings, she never lacked for someone to play with. As she grew older, she found herself pulled into books and writing more and more. Her parents are her heroes, her siblings her confidants and tormentors, and her children are a wonderful blessing. Church is important to her children and her. They enjoy the friendships they’ve made with the people there. Writing has always been a passion. Her first experience was in fifth grade when she went to a one-day writing conference. After that she knew it was something she wanted to pursue.
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3 Responses to Step Into A White Christmas

  1. jeff7salter says:

    I’ve seen bits & pieces of that film, but I’m pretty sure I’ve never watched the entire thing from beginning to end. I do like all of the major actors who were cast in those roles.
    I love old movies, including this era, but the plots of these films are typically so simplistic — and the time frames required in real live to actually accomplish something like acquiring, fixing up, and opening an establishment are SOOOOO compressed — that it sometimes nags at my disbelief.
    Also, I find I’m less and less tolerant of musicals these days… especially when the songs are sappy. In this one, of course, we have White Christmas, which is a favorite of mine.

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  2. Patricia Kiyono says:

    White Christmas was one of my favorites from my childhood. This was before all the cartoons and computer-animated favorites that came later. The vocalists not only have lovely voices, but I can UNDERSTAND everything they sing! Times were definitely simple, and the plot is too, but that’s okay. When I settle down to read or watch a Christmas story I don’t necessary look for complicated plot twists. Nice choice, Angie.

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  3. I think you will certainly enjoy my Friday post,Angie! Our minds are somewhere within the same idea; close, but not the same.
    I wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas!

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