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Audio Cookbook Giveaway

Another Free Week here and this time it is a ‘free’ week, in that I have an audio book contest to plug. I have yet to plug anything I have published on 4F,1H, (not that I have managed to get … Continue reading

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Off the Grid?

Introducing “Pleased to Meet Me” By Jeff Salter Since it’s a free week here at 4F1H, no better time to highlight my recent novella from Clean Reads — Pleased to Meet Me. Here are some of my expanded tag lines: … Continue reading

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Angie Schroeder’s Winter Blues

Winter Blues By Angie Schroeder I know we just talked about winter traditions here on the blog and I think it is safe to say we have established that I LOVE winter. It is such a wonderful and peaceful time … Continue reading

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What am I going to talk about?   There’s not much exciting going on in my world right now.  I’m working on the first draft to the next addition to the CONNECTIONS Serial…     My embarrassing Amazon sales are … Continue reading

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TBR List, Part Two

It’s another free week. I don’t have anything pressing to report, other than my disturbing discovery that the super-healthy salad I fixed for myself Friday night was part of a batch identified as possibly contaminated, and linked to a recent … Continue reading

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Oh, The First Snow Fall of the Winter

The question of the week is: Do we have First Day of Winter or First Snowfall traditions? Um, no. When I was a kid it was exciting to see snow. I grew up in the Washington, DC suburbs and only … Continue reading

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Traditionally COLD

… and I’m Shivering By Jeff Salter What I hate about the title song to the movie, Frozen, is that the heroine WANTS to “let it snow”. We’re blogging this week about traditions dealing with cold weather — whether that … Continue reading

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Snow Much Fun

This week we’re talking about first day of snow/winter traditions. Let me start out with this, I LOVE SNOW! I am the sort of person that does not get along with summer but winter comes around and I am so … Continue reading

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Winter Traditions?

So this is the question – Do you have any first day of winter/first snowfall traditions? Oh Yeah; I’ve got one of those. My first day of winter/first snowfall tradition is to get inside and stay warm.  I’m a summer/hot … Continue reading

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Winter? Not Fun

Do you have any first day of winter/first snowfall traditions? One of our foxes asked that question for this week, and it definitely had me stumped. We get plenty of snow here in West Michigan, but I honestly can’t think … Continue reading

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