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Guest: Author Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

1-15-16 Today my guest is Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy, member of the Romance Writers of America, Missouri Writers’ Guild and Ozark Writers’ Guild. She has over thirty books published, along with many stories. Lee Ann and I have several mutual … Continue reading

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Guest Fox: Kathy Heare Watts

Welcome to a Prodigious Book REVIEWER By Jeff Salter This is the week for guests at 4F1H, so I thought I’d turn the tables and invite a reviewer to sit down for an interview. Lots of people will occasionally review … Continue reading

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One of Those Books…

It is review week and I have made it through two and a half books on my TBR list. Have you ever read a book where you did not want to put it down? A story that so completely had … Continue reading

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Kissing with Fangs Review

  Imagine – if you will – a world where paranormal beings and humans co-exist side-by-side. This fantastic concept is the world Ashlyn Chase takes us to in KISSING WITH FANGS. Chase has researched many things that go bump in … Continue reading

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Guest Author: Melissa Keir

This week is set aside for guest authors, and it just happened that my friend and fellow Michigander Melissa Keir recently received an award that we were pretty impressed with, so I asked her how someone from our area managed to … Continue reading

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When The Hound admitted that he had been ‘taken’ and asked on Facebook if there was ever a time others had gotten ‘snookered’, I thought that would be a great topic for us here at 4Foxes, 1Hound. However, now that … Continue reading

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Ripped Off at Age Eleven

… And I’ll Never Forget It By Jeff Salter We’re basically talking about rip-offs this week, and I’ve had quite a few. But possibly the earliest of my disappointing transactions was this one. And it’s a bitter memory, indeed. I … Continue reading

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This topic was a tough one (“The time I got Snookered” [or otherwise got the short end of the retail stick] ). I had planned to write this last night and have it set to go this morning but I … Continue reading

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Snookered – Who Me?

Oh, Yeah. I thought I was going to have to do the same thing I did last week with the absence of my having a TBR list.  Not saying that I’ve never been “snookered,” just that I don’t remember that … Continue reading

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Rose-colored Glasses?

This week we’re supposed to write about a time when I’ve been duped or tricked by a retail outlet. I gave this a lot of thought, but I really had a difficult time coming up with an example of a … Continue reading

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