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Screwball Comedy You Should Not Miss

  Scratching the Seven-Month Itch By Jeff Salter After seven months of being with Jason, Amanda hopes for the best… but has to assume the worst. Their stake-out will determine whether Jason does have the seven-month itch and which tramp … Continue reading

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Paperback Lingers

By Angela Schroeder The other day I received a package from one of my publishers. It was filled with my copies of Love Overcomes. Seeing the paperbacks there and hearing my daughter exclaim, “I want one!” got me thinking about … Continue reading

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Cryptozoology in my back yard

Bigfoot or Sasquatch, if you prefer, has always been an intriguing subject to me. As a child one of my friends told me she saw one peeking out behind an evergreen on her property up north. Whether a large, hairy … Continue reading

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TBR List, Part Four

Last month my selections included three books. Here are the books and my impressions. If you click on the book covers you can read my reviews on Goodreads: Angel Beneath My Wheels by K. S. Moore. This is a wonderful … Continue reading

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Spring to Easter

The topics this week are about getting out of the house since it is Spring, or to talk about Easter. Since this will be posting on Good Friday, I will go for both. I am generally not an outdoorsy person … Continue reading

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Spring Tonic

  Time to Open the Windows Again By Jeff Salter We’re all about Spring this week and debating how much we enjoy the fresh air of the great outdoors. Well, as I’ve noted on some of the Resident Foxes’ posts … Continue reading

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Spring Fever, Winter Temps

Spring is in the air, or it should be. But the air here is COLD. There was a chance of snow today but as far as I know that shifted to the north and now we are supposed to get … Continue reading

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Spring isn’t my favorite

Michigan’s definition of spring is somewhat confused. Last week, while it was officially ‘winter’, temperatures approached the mid-fifties and the kids were ready to break out the swimsuits and flip-flops. Spring officially started on Sunday and I was greeted by … Continue reading

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Is it Spring…Already?

Yesterday was the First Day of Spring, and our topic this week is how we deal with spring fever. But even though I dislike the hassle of driving through deep snow and worrying about whether or not my kids and … Continue reading

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Power To the People

Power Outages is our theme this week. I grew up in the Washington, DC area and except for usually short, rare periods during thunderstorms, we almost never lost power. I guess the power companies have top priority to keep it … Continue reading

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