What will (did) you do with Leap Day?

If this was last year, I would have been excited to have an extra day to meet my running goal. Or an extra rest day. My goal was to run 2,015 miles during the year which averaged to just under 7 miles per day with one day off per week. It was hard, especially when I didn’t feel good, so I’m not shooting for that goal for this year.

So what will I do with that extra day this year?


It’s a Monday, so laundry is usually on the agenda. In theory, writing is on the agenda in between switching loads.

Given how this past week has gone, it will be a time to degermify the house. My second graders’ class had at least four students (one of them being one of my children) missing every day and by the end of the week, kindergartener’s class was keeping pace. Thankfully we were blessed with the sore throat, stuffy nose, barking cough that traveled through the school and not the let’s see what you had for breakfast germs that were also making the rounds.

Since Leap Day was not a snow day, I will be able to squeeze some writing into the gaps left by these chores and take the crazy dog for a walk.

The bonus part of the week is that my Bible study on Tuesdays doesn’t meet this week, so that’s three extra hours to write or whatever. I’m hoping to make some progress on one of the stories I’m working on. Just have to decide which one: Alzheimer’s, Bigfoot, yoga, or spontaneous human combustion. Which would you choose?


About Joselyn

SAHM writing romance with at a case of the giggles. Former librarian. Avid reader. Runner.
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12 Responses to What will (did) you do with Leap Day?

  1. Patricia Kiyono says:

    I’d love to see you weave Bigfoot into a story! But all of yours are great. Hope the de-germing works and the family stays healthy this time! Today is a snow day around here, but the university is open so I’ve got to pack up and go. Enjoy your writing time!

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  2. Joselyn says:

    No snow day for us, although if the weather develops as they say, our evening activities will be canceled.


  3. jeff7salter says:

    write the story about bigfoot.
    Love the expression, “let’s see what you had for breakfast germs.”
    I really admire your diligence in the running exercise. I’ve known a lot of runners and I could never be one of you. Even if not for my physical problems, I just could not handle the high impact.
    But I do manage to go to exercise three times a week, for about 75-80 minutes each session. Low impact, mostly aerobic.

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  4. Monday is a laundry day at my house. I did several loads Sunday afternoon while Steve napped, so I only had 1 load, sheets for Monday. I changed out 2 shower curtains from winter to everyday look. I actually put a new one in our bathroom I bought on clearance at KMart and it has words like Wisdom, Love, Faith and Strength and then there is Scriptures in the boxes. I did get several books read and reviewed yesterday too. Had to go to bed early last night (2 am) because I had to go have blood drawn this morning at 9:30. Shame on me for making an early appointment. Stopped by the bank and then I stopped at the Assisted Living home and asked them if they would be interested in books for the residents. I found me a place to take all these books I have been winning at Goodreads that are ARC copies and some are unproofed copies. The library doesn’t want them if the ISBN isn’t there……..silly, I know. The lady at the A.L. Home said that she was sure the residents would love to have new reading material. I told her that I had not read them so I did not know the “content” and she told me that was not a problem, that lots of the 80-year-old ladies read romance! Made my day. On the way back home, I stopped and voted. I have been voting since I was legally old enough and registered to do so.

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  5. Bigfoot sounds interesting,. I have a children’s story about Bigfoot that is on the back burner.

    Is everyone feeling better now?

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  6. You are on the right track,I think…Bigfoot or spontaneous combustion! I gotta see those!
    I have to remember to tag you on the teacher posts I pass along. As busy as you are, you are keep up here! Atta Girl!

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