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Whirlwind Weekend

I’m scrambling to get this post done as it’s already the middle of the afternoon on my Fox day. A free topic post should be easy, right? Well, maybe not after having family visit and running a marathon over the … Continue reading

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A Quiet Holiday

Today is Memorial Day. It was pointed out last week that the holiday is designated for those who died in service. My family has been in the United States for only 100 years, and both of our American veterans survived … Continue reading

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Salute to the Fallen

With this being the week leading up to Memorial Day, the topic for us a tribute to those who died in the military service, not to be confused with Veteran’s Day, where we honor all who have served in the … Continue reading

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Honoring Those Who Died in Service

  Evolving Decoration Day By Jeff Salter As one of the posts this week already noted, the new Memorial Day was formerly Decoration Day — a day to dress up old gravestones and honor those who died in battle. It … Continue reading

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A Different Time

When I saw this topic, my obvious topic would be my Dad’s service in WWII. However, my schedule has been crazy and I wasn’t sure I would be able to do a post at all. It was with much delight … Continue reading

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A Grateful Salute

It was my turn to choose this week’s topic, and with Memorial Day coming up I thought it would be a great idea for us to each write a tribute to someone. I have a couple of favorite American veterans … Continue reading

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Thank You,I’m Honored to Be Here

This week we are asked to speculate on the idea that if we were to gain so much notoriety by our writing that we merited a TV interview,  which talk show host would we like to do the honors? Tough … Continue reading

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Cavett or Koppel, You Can Interview Me

If You’ll Behave By Jeff Salter If I were interviewed for television because of some writing fame or accomplishment, I’d want to steer clear of most of the so-called “interviewers” I’ve observed in recent years. Too many of them prefer … Continue reading

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Talk Show Dreams

When asked who I would want to interview me once I make a name for myself in the book world I was sort of stumped. I don’t watch talk shows, I don’t get any channels on my television so it … Continue reading

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You want me to what?

When I saw this topic, my first thought was Oh dear! I have no idea. I stopped watching interview shows a few years ago when they devolved into gotcha sessions and arguments. I wanted to learn about the point of … Continue reading

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