An All-Star Cast

This week one of the foxes came up with a challenge. At least it was quite a challenge for me. The scenario she posed was, “One of your books gets turned into a movie. Which book would you want it to be and why? Do you have an ideal cast or director?”

I would love to see any of my books made into a movie, but I decided it might be fun to select a cast for my Depression-era novella, Searching for Lady Luck. Why? I think people like a nice feel-good story where the town celebrates a rebirth and the couple gets together. I don’t watch many movies any more, but I remember when I used to watch old movies they were often about someone who had a zany idea that somehow works out for everyone’s good.

For those who haven’t yet read Searching for Lady Luck, here’s the cover and blurb:
SearchingforLadyLuck 500x750Only seven years have passed since Rose Sheffield was a carefree college student, though it seems like a lifetime ago. Her father’s position at a major bank provided her with luxuries she took for granted. Now she works at menial jobs to support herself and her mother, and they live in what used to be their vacation home in Wildwood, New Jersey. Rose’s days are pure drudgery, until she meets Charlie. As luck would have it, she just happens to have the perfect place to display his artwork.

Before the Great Stock market crash of 1929, Charlie Brannigan was hailed as an up and coming artist in Manhattan. But now he’s back at his family home in Wildwood, delivering newspapers in the mornings and selling his paintings on the Boardwalk in the afternoons. He needs some luck in his life, and it seems every time a pretty lady named Rose appears, good things happen.


Ryan_GoslingNow, I’m supposed to choose a cast. I’m pretty much limited to people I’ve seen in the news or on social media. There are a number of handsome actors who would do justice in the role of Charlie Brannigan, the successful artist who returns to his family home in New Jersey when his father dies to help support his mother and younger siblings. I chose Ryan Gosling. I haven’t watched his films, only a short few scenes from The Notebook, (which I hear was awesome) but from his guest appearances on talk shows he seems to carry himself well and is likeable. I haven’t read any scandals about him, so I wouldn’t be embarrassed to have my name associated with something he was in. Strange criteria, I suppose, but I don’t have anything else to go on.

Emmy_RossumFor the role of the heroine, feisty Rose Sheffield, I chose actress/singer Emmy Rossum. I’ve only seen her in one role – that of Christine Daae in Phantom of the Opera, but she was awesome not only as a vocalist but as an actress. I think she would do a nice job showing the serious side of Rose and the determination to make her idea of an art gallery work.



Julianne_MooreRose’s mother would need to be someone tiny and delicate. Julianne Moore is relatively short and according to Wikipedia “She is particularly known for her portrayals of emotionally troubled women.”1 I don’t know about all that, but the internet tells me she’s only 5’ 2” tall and she looks frail. Of course, most Hollywood stars are extremely thin…


Kate_MulgrewIn the role of Susie Brannigan, Charlie’s mother, I’d like to see Kate Mulgrew. She’s played strong women on TV (I loved her as Captain Janeway on Startrek Voyager), so I know she’d be great as the stoic widow and mom. Plus, she has a nice Irish name.




Haley_Joel_OsmentHaley Joel Osment would be awesome as Charlie’s brother Connor – though I’m not sure such a big star would agree to play such a minor role. He’d have to shave off the beard and act a bit younger than he is, but I think he’d be convincing as the naive brother.




Elle_FanningElle Fanning would be lovely as Charlie’s 18-year-old sister. I really haven’t seen her act, but she’s the right age and she’s experienced. And she has a nice bright smile.




Meryl_StreepMeryl Streep would portray art gallery owner Regina Perry with a load of class. Again, the movie would need a huge budget to hire a big name like her. But she would be my first pick.




As for a director, I have no idea. The last time I saw a movie in a theater was four years ago, and the last movie I watched on TV was Me and My Gal from 1942. I don’t know who current movie directors are. I guess I’d better leave that to someone else!

Have you ever read a book and pictured specific actors or actresses portraying certain characters?




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10 Responses to An All-Star Cast

  1. Joselyn says:

    Great selections! Definitely an award-winning cast. I haven’t read this book yet. I’m going to have to move it up my to TBR list so I can imagine these characters in the story.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. jeff7salter says:

    I think that is a good selection for Hollywood to adapt for screen.
    I fondly remember Kate Mulgrew from either movies or TV but never saw her in the Star Trek series.
    I’m a fan of Meryl Streep and I’m sure she’ll do justice to your art gallery owner.
    I’ve seen Julienne Moore in several things, but can’t recall them off hand. But I like her. She should do well as Rose’s mom.
    This is a difficult topic overall, but I agree that picking a director will be especially difficult.
    Wonder what I’m gonna do on Hound Day?

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  3. I really like your choices. Some of them I have not seen any of their work but have heard their names. It would be wonderful to see Streep in a movie connected to your book.

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  4. Kate Mulgrew really came into her own over the course of Voyager.She is probably my husband’s favorite captain, which was a real shocker for me…he doesn’t like to admit it, but he is a bit of a sexist.
    I do pay attention to directors; they make such a difference in the entire movie.


    • Patricia Kiyono says:

      Captain Janeway was someone I wanted to emulate – and the character I chose her for needs to be a strong woman like that. I know directors make a huge difference – in the same way the right conductor makes a difference in the way an orchestra plays – but unfortunately I don’t pay attention to those names, either!


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