You want me to what?

When I saw this topic, my first thought was Oh dear! I have no idea.

I stopped watching interview shows a few years ago when they devolved into gotcha sessions and arguments. I wanted to learn about the point of view or the topic, not see how the interviewer could trip the interviewee up.

I shuffled through the various morning shows and talk shows I remember and even a few of the evening news shows, but still came up blank. What show would be an appropriate venue for presenting my writing, which one would have the best audience, and which host would be the most friendly?

Still nothing.

Being on the spot, especially in a live interview, would not be a place where I would do well. I would probably freeze up, mispronounce something inappropriately, or wear something that made me look like a full garbage bag.


I finally came up with Kelly Ripa. She seems very sweet and funny on air. A few years ago she even had a book club for beach reads. She would be a fun host to talk to. It’s been years since I’ve watched her show, but I enjoyed the banter between her and Regis. (Yes, it’s been that long since I watched regularly.) So Kelly, if  you’re interested in promoting some summer reads again, message me.

On a side note, I have done a television interview. It was after the Sleeping Bear Marathon and I was freezing cold, so you can imagine how delightful I looked. They were able to find a soundbite that wasn’t too ridiculous and it can still be viewed here: Watch at your own discretion.


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SAHM writing romance with at a case of the giggles. Former librarian. Avid reader. Runner.
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5 Responses to You want me to what?

  1. jeff7salter says:

    well, I didn’t exactly recognize you in the interview clip, but if you were the lady who said the hills at the end were tough, then I’d say you held up VERY well after that grueling event.
    About interviews — yeah, the whole trend for too many years has been “gotcha” — deliberate trickery, shouting matches, not listening to answers, interrupting, keeping off-balance, repeating questions until they get a sound bite that they want, etc.
    There’s a lot of posturing, looking down on the interviewee, snide observations, and everything BUT objective journalism.
    Most TV interviewers these days seem to have an axe to grind — whether political, social, religious, or whatever — and they bring on people who either agree with them or who represent something they feel the need to destroy if possible.
    As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve have enough on-tape experience to know that my most intelligent responses will hit the cutting room floor and they’ll use the 2% of our interview that makes me look stupid or fits into their concept about the matter at hand.

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  2. My mother used to watch interview shows and I started watching them with her even when I was pretty young.She wanted to see many of the interesting people, but would get disgusted with the interviewers who pushed to get answers or interject comments while the guest was talking.(You are too young to remember, but I am thinking specifically of David Frost and Dick Cavet, whome I bet Jeff remembers.)
    Kelly Ripa is fun to watch! I, too, have not watched a show since Regis was there, and have not even seen a few minutes , even to pass through and glance, in years. I think she’d put you at ease.

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  3. Patricia Kiyono says:

    I thought you looked and sounded really poised in that clip! Awesome job – especially after RUNNING the marathon! I would have been flat on my back. I’ve never watched Kelly Ripa interview anyone – but she seems like a friendly person, so if she’s a reader, she would be a logical choice!

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    • Joselyn says:

      We went for dinner about an hour later and I could barely stay awake. I was too tired to chew.

      Kelly’s book club gave a huge boost to Carly Philips’ career. I wish she was still doing it.

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