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Parish Fair Comes to Covington

  A Fair Day All Around By Jeff Salter I’ve actually been to several fairs – on vastly different scales – including the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair and a handful of Louisiana State Fairs, held each year in Shreveport. But … Continue reading

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Take me to the Carnival

The day trip that my kids and I most look forward to is the carnival. They wait for this event all summer. I have to admit that I do too. When I was little we didn’t go to the carnival … Continue reading

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A Day at the Gardens

This week’s topic is about day trips to local attractions such as zoos, fairs, and carnivals. I haven’t been to any of those in quite a while, but my daughter and family invited me to join them on a recent … Continue reading

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If You Start Me Up I’ll Never Stop

  We’ve been asked this week to list some of the behaviors that we have had it up to here with. I will try to contain myself to a few. Most of us this week mentioned the attempted blackmail that … Continue reading

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Caustic Concerns of a Crusty Curmudgeon

  Stuff I’m Sick and Tired Of By Jeff Salter I was mildly surprised to learn that this topic had been one of my suggestions. If I had anything particular in mind when I nominated the topic (several months ago), … Continue reading

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Stop the Baby Talk

This week we are discussing speech and behaviour that we find bothersome. If you ask my children they’ll tell you that “uhuh” and “unuh” do not fly in our house. When I ask my kids a question I at least … Continue reading

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Could you say that again, please?

Perhaps this isn’t a post I should be working on this morning. It’s the second week of summer vacation and this is the first opportunity I’ve had to sit at my computer and write. Any other time I’ve sat at … Continue reading

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Blast and Botheration

This week we’re discussing expressions, behaviors, and activities that annoy us. I had to really take a few days to think about this – I guess it’s because I try to not let things bother me. Or maybe it’s because … Continue reading

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“Occasional” Books

Our topic this week is to tell what books we might give to a person for a special occasion, crossing a milestone. For instance, a wedding. That one is easy: “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus”. I scoffed … Continue reading

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I’m an Open Book

… and I Love Turning Those Pages By Jeff Salter We’re discussing books as gifts this week and the Monday Fox wondered what titles we might give to particular people or for specific occasions. An excellent question, because I love … Continue reading

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