If You Start Me Up I’ll Never Stop


We’ve been asked this week to list some of the behaviors that we have had it up to here with.

I will try to contain myself to a few.

Most of us this week mentioned the attempted blackmail that are often on Facebook ; you know,  the ones that sentence you to eternal damnation if you don’t post for the 7,000th time that you love Jesus.
I sincerely doubt that is the way to get to Heaven…by not only being annoying, but I am certain that most of those are put up by individuals who want you to ‘like’ their page in order to hack into your account.

(I still haven’t figured out how everyone can share a post if they have the most beautiful daughter in the world; it should stop dead at one, you know.)

The other FB complaint I will make is over the tortured animal pictures; I have begged people to stop.
For starters, anyone who is your friend on FB is probably not going to be someone who tortures animals.
Then, if someone can actually do these horrible things, showing them a picture of the aftermath isn’t going to suddenly make them see the error of their ways. It is terrible, but I think we all know it happens, unfortunately. I had to stop following a family friend I have known for at least 55 years just because she will not stop posting these.

Spoilers. Since only my husband and I live here full time now and he works evenings, we cut off our cable.We watch shows at our convenience, which means after they have been shown. We pick them up online through HULU, Netflix, Amazon Prime or on  the networks’ sites, but sure enough, the next day fools will post spoilers. We aren’t the only ones  who see them delayed; that was/is the beauty of VHS,DVRs,TiVos, etc. When I have asked people  to please NOT post spoilers, they usually deny that what they posted isn’t a spoiler. Huh? You just let me know  a main character has fallen for another, has gotten lost, was found, has died…that is the definition of a spoiler.

Spoilers in blurbs of books are also very annoying. One of my all-time favorite mystery writers, ( a guest of mine here), had her debut book nearly ruined  by a blurb on the back of her paperback. A character was supposed to show up at one point as a huge surprise and all I did was wait for him  until he did. I was so sad that it didn’t go smoothly. You have to work hard to build that kind of suspense and it was just about destroyed.

Small towns. Unless you have family ties to a small town, don’t go there. I made that mistake twice in my life. The only other chance you might have to make it well is if  it is a place that is newly being settled and all of the residents are from someplace else.(If  most are members of one family or religious affiliation, that possibility is generally nullified.) I am the only one here who is enjoying real traffic…it means more new people.

Loud talking. Whether the people are in the same room or a person is on the phone, really, the loud talk in public has to stop. People speak loudly in stores and  at public assemblies, (we could not hear the music at a recent middle school graduation because of all the yapping), but they even speak loudly in libraries and doctors’ offices… and church. If they are not talking during the service, as soon as it is over it becomes  a din in most churches. I am all for fellowship, but they need to leave the pews and front of the church to talk…and let those who need to reflect, pray,( or gather their wits), have a  little peace. Indeed, in Catholic churches one was not supposed to chatter at all in front of the Blessed Sacrament, but no one holds to that any more. Reverence is gone along with common courtesy.

Speaking of church, the next annoyance seems to happen there more than anywhere else: the backing into parking places and taking up of more than the allotted spaces, and so robbing others of close parking spots.
Really, they seem to be in such a hurry to escape the House of the Lord that they can’t take the time to back out, and it is just plain unchristian to care so little about their fellow worshipers.

I have a close relative with whom I don’t communicate every day, but she will call to tell me that she can’t talk now or that she needs to see me/bring something to me, but can’t do it that day, or the next. I will try to make it easy, suggest I go there, or we meet halfway , but nothing ever seems to satisfy her. I have yet to figure this out. It is truly annoying.

She and a few others will also tell me that they will “be right over”…and  then I don’t see them for hours. Things get in the way, or they make other choice, yet all of them have cell phones and could tell me their plans have changed, or they will be delayed. In the meantime, we’ve put what we were doing or planning on hold. Grrrrr.


Here is a list of things that I hear around me all the time that anger me to no end. I get these from a number of family members. Are you subjected to these?

“I’ve never done that before”. (Yeah, the first time, neither had I. Gee, you even had to BREATHE for the first time! Just do it; you expect me to.)

“You don’t understand how important it is that I have this now” (You don’t understand how you should have  given me a little more notice that you needed this .)

“All you have to do is…” (Generally, all YOU had to do was…)

“Calm down” (This is always said by the person doing/saying something  upsetting. Have you noticed?)

And my all time fave…

“You made things worse” (It seems that no matter what is happening, according to members of my family, if you don’t acknowledge it, it doesn’t actually exist. Then here I go, with some magical/mystical power that I have and ruin everything by  pointing out that the Emperor is actually without new clothes.)


Really, I need to stop.

But the most annoying thing in this world is to get on the phone with ‘customer service’ and every question  answered is replied to with: “Thank you for that  information”.

“What is your name? Thank you for that information. What is your phone number? Thank you for that information .Is that a good call-back number if we get cut off? Thank you for that information. What is your address? Thank you for that information. What name is the account under? Thank you for that information. Where does your husband work? Thank you for that information. What is the address? Thank you for that information. Is there a work phone number? Thank you for that information. Can you give me the last four digits of your Social Security number? Thank you for that information.”

It goes on and on.

Speaking of the last four digits of your Social Security number, tell me how that is ‘security’? If EVERYONE uses only the last four, then everyone knows your last four; it isn’t ‘secure’.  (And do you  realize how many people at your workplace, doctors’ offices, insurance offices, schools, etc.,  have access to your full Social Security number?) Also, your birthdate is a common ‘security’ question, along with what school you went to, and your mother’s maiden name. Stop and think about how many people know these, your school mates, your cousins, your family’s friends…those questions are completely ridiculous  if you are from a small town.

OK, I’m stopping now. They never should have gotten me started! To ease the tension: The Stones!

Do any of these hit a nerve with you?

About Tonette Joyce

Tonette was a once-fledgling lyricists-bookkeeper, turned cook/baker/restaurateur and is now exploring different writing venues,(with a stage play recently completed). She has had poetry and nonfiction articles published in the last few years. Tonette has been married to her only serious boyfriend for more than thirty years and she is, as one person described her, family-oriented almost to a fault. Never mind how others have described her, she is,(shall we say), a sometime traditionalist of eclectic tastes.She has another blog : "Tonette Joyce:Food,Friends,Family" here at WordPress.She and guests share tips and recipes for easy entertaining and helps people to be ready for almost anything.
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8 Responses to If You Start Me Up I’ll Never Stop

  1. jeff7salter says:

    I agree with several of your points.
    In particular, I’d sick & tired of people yakking — and often very loudly — in places they shouldn’t and during things they are disrupting. For example, in Sunday School class, during the lesson while the teacher is teaching. Also, when we attended an outdoor music concert a week or so ago, there was a woman in front of us talking loudly on her phone DURING the songs. And it wasn’t just a quick conversation, like, “sorry I can’t talk now… I’m at a concert.” No, this woman chatted for several minutes! She got hostile looks from the people in front of her… and I truly believe she continued her rude chatter just to be especially ugly to the ones glaring at her. How inconsiderate!


    • The graduation was horrible, Jeff.I could hardly hear any of the speeches by the kids, nor what they said when they passed the mic around for them to say something to their parents/guardians. I never identified the song the 8th graders sang, and I could not hear the kids in the Strings orchestra, and I happened to know they worked on their pieces for many months…I know, since had one practicing at my house.Just yakking, gossiping, small-talk all the way through and it was at one time nearly everyone there.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Patricia Kiyono says:

    Sounds like you have it rough. Guess I’ll stay here in my suburb where we recognize our neighbors by sight but really don’t have anything to do with each other. But I can’t get away from the customer service reps. I dealt with one last week that I seriously could not understand. “Calm down” seems similar to my daughters insisting I “Don’t go ballistic” when they did something that irritated me.


  3. Joselyn says:

    I hate talking on the phone in general and talking to customer service reps and doctors’ offices in particular. They don’t actually listen and then they have to call you back. And you can bet they will call me back at the most inconvenient time. It’s like they have a sensor – hey she’s in the car at school, the kids just got in and are complaining about their day, there’s a bus with red lights flashing in front of them, and a dozen daycare kids milling around on the side of the road, we better make that call that she’s been waiting for all day, right now!

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