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Blast and Botheration

This week we’re discussing expressions, behaviors, and activities that annoy us. I had to really take a few days to think about this – I guess it’s because I try to not let things bother me. Or maybe it’s because … Continue reading

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“Occasional” Books

Our topic this week is to tell what books we might give to a person for a special occasion, crossing a milestone. For instance, a wedding. That one is easy: “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus”. I scoffed … Continue reading

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I’m an Open Book

… and I Love Turning Those Pages By Jeff Salter We’re discussing books as gifts this week and the Monday Fox wondered what titles we might give to particular people or for specific occasions. An excellent question, because I love … Continue reading

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Tailored Gifts

If you get a gift from me chances are that you will get a book. It has gotten to the point where my children keep a list of books they would like to have in their personal library. All three … Continue reading

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My Go-to Book Gifts

This is the season of weddings, graduations, and a host of other celebrations. We often bring gifts to these gatherings, and since all of us here at Four Foxes, One Hound have close personal relationships with books I thought it would … Continue reading

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A Myth is as Good as a Mile

Like another Fox, I have been in quite a rush the last few weeks and neglected to get either a guest or do a properly thorough book review. But I have had one series in mind on which to make … Continue reading

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Guest Fox Angela Correll

  Welcome, Angela! By Jeff Salter It’s indeed a pleasure to welcome my friend and fellow Kentuckian, Angela Correll, as my Guest Fox on this Hound Day blog. I had the pleasure of speaking with her at length a couple … Continue reading

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