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Introducing The Duchess of Earl

  An Affectionate Tweak of Regency Novels By Jeff Salter What better time than “free week” at 4F1H to announce my newest novel (and thirteenth published fiction title), The Duchess of Earl — released two weeks ago by Clean Reads. … Continue reading

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No Touch Down Myth

While this week is a free week I decided to write on last week’s topic since I missed it. The past few weeks have been hectic and bizarre. But I am back and ready to write about living in Muscatine … Continue reading

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Still Wading Through My TBR List: Part Seven

It’s another free week, and since there’s really nothing new in my life, I thought I’d share the books I’ve read since my last free week. In June I named only three because I have a deadline and knew I’d … Continue reading

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(Not a) Whole Lot of Shakin’ Goin’ On

This week we are asked if we have ever experienced an earthquake or other natural disaster. Fortunately, my experiences with such phenomena have been limited to near-misses or lucky outcomes. As for earthquakes, the only one that was truly earth-shaking … Continue reading

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Stormy Weather

… is not just a moody, old song By Jeff Salter Yes, it’s also a terrific song, and the best version, in my opinion, is the one with Lena Horne. But it has also been recorded by Etta James, … Continue reading

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The Big One?

I went to the University of Washington to get my masters degree in library science. The university has a beautiful library called the Suzzalo library. It has the soaring ceilings and beautiful woodwork required of old libraries. Before I attended … Continue reading

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After the Storm…

This week we are sharing our personal experiences with natural disasters. Here in the Midwest we experience lots of storms, so I had to think about specific weather events that stood out in my memory. After our harsh Michigan winters, … Continue reading

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Guest: Author Tracy Weber

Today I would like to welcome author Tracy Weber. I met Tracy online through mutual friends and bought her first novel for my yoga instructor… Why? Because my instructor and I had a conversation about how she found herself solving … Continue reading

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History Comes Alive

  Jeff Shaara Writes Like He Was There By Jeff Salter Having always loved history and biography, I’m chagrined to be several years late discovering how well Jeff Shaara can bring both to life. He’s likely best known for his … Continue reading

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Laura D Bastian

This week I asked Laura to please tell us how she became a writer and to share a little about herself and writing process.  I’m a mother of five and have been writing for about six or seven years and … Continue reading

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