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A Creative Lull

It has been a busy few weeks here getting the kids ready to go back to school. There are activities that they want to be involved in and people they want to see. Plans are being made for the upcoming … Continue reading

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Happy Parent Vacation!

My kids went back to school this morning. Excuse me while I happy dance for a moment. This is the first time I’ve been in a quiet house for more than ten minutes in at least four weeks. I am … Continue reading

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Keeping My Hands Busy

This is a free week at Four Foxes, One Hound. Normally I’d tell you about the books I’ve read from my TBR list, but this month I haven’t managed to read ANYTHING! Reading has been pushed aside in favor of … Continue reading

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“Accounting” For Pet Names

This week we are discussing quirky pets or unusual pet names…don’t get me started on quirky pets! We’d probably better leave that alone, since I have had, and still have, some real off-the-wall characters! Besides, I have more than enough … Continue reading

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All Creatures Great and Quirkily Named

  … The Lord God Made Them All By Jeff Salter Might as well start at the beginning… I’m told my older brother had a dog named Poochie-Boy, but the first pet I remember (during my kindergarten year of 1955-56), … Continue reading

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Not at all Strange

This week we’re talking about pets and their names. Animals have always been a huge part of my life. As far back as I can remember we always had some sort of animal sharing our home. As far as I … Continue reading

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Fido, Rover, Buddy…What Was Your Name?

This week we’re discussing quirky or strange pet names. When I was small, a procession of goldfish came to our house. We usually had them in pairs – a gold one and a black one. The gold one died, so … Continue reading

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A Quick View of My Favorite Parks

I realize that  I skipped a week ahead on my posts, with my PC  at the Geek Squad.  So here I am at my local library, quickly trying to make amends. .. I can’t seem to find a ‘reschedule’ option … Continue reading

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Parks of Every Variety

They’re Not Just National, You Know By Jeff Salter I have visited a LOT of parks and monuments (and reserves) over the years and, to tell the truth, I can’t recall which were “national” and which were “state.” It was … Continue reading

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Park and Museum

This week we’re talking about National Parks. I have never been to any big name parks. I have spent plenty of time at a Sate Park. Wild Cat Den is a state park not far from where I live. It … Continue reading

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