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Do You Know Bob and Mary Sue?

On these, our “Free Weeks”, more often than not, I like to stay on writing. In doing so, I’d like to formally introduce you to two people whom I had seen and heard, but until recently, I didn’t know their … Continue reading

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Ever Reached Cloud Nine?

Or… Are You Stuck on Cloud Eight? By Jeff Salter It’s free week here at 4F1H, so I thought I’d share a bit more about my humorous novel – Stuck on Cloud Eight – released in November last year by … Continue reading

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Changes in Time

This morning my youngest child stood patiently while I sprayed his hair purple and gold. A soon as his hair was decked out in Muskie colors he slipped his tiny hand into mine. The walk to school was filled with … Continue reading

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The Bigfoot File

As you probably know, I’ve been working on a story involving Bigfoot at an excruciatingly slow pace. Evidence needs to be painstakingly gathered, blurry and out of focus videos need to be watched. You know how it goes. Well, here’s … Continue reading

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TBR List, Part Eight

It’s been an insanely busy month, but I finally figured out a way to get some reading done. I didn’t want a repeat of last month, when I didn’t read anything except my own writing and a few news articles. Since … Continue reading

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“Write” Here

Yes, not using “Right” was intentional, since this week we are discussing where we write. And here I sit: My HP All-In-One has been my place of choice for the past three years…except when it has broken-down three times this … Continue reading

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Space, the Writing Frontier

Well, Actually… Writing About “Writing Space” Itself By Jeff Salter Confused yet? I thought the headline would be catchy, but we’re actually writing this week about the space in which we write. Let me begin by stating my admiration for … Continue reading

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A small space

This week we are discussing our writing spaces. Mine changes depending on what time of day I am writing. If I am writing at night I will write in my room with my notebook spread out and my phone playing … Continue reading

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Office Space

No, not the movie, although the I can say that my color printer has narrowly evaded a fate similar to where they destroy the fax machine with a sledge hammer. It wears ‘Never working when I need it’ as a … Continue reading

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My Work Place

This week we’re sharing our writing spaces. I have several, and I’ll share pictures of a few. I do most of my writing at the dining room table. During the day, it’s bright in this room due to the sunshine … Continue reading

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