Since I’m not writing that much, I’ve been reading a little more. I seem to be attracted to Regency historicals with wallflower  in the description.

I’ve stumbled on The Wallflower series by Lisa Kleypas. I’ve read a few of them several years ago, then picked up another one recently. The Devil in Winter features an unreformed rake who seems intent on staying that way and making sure his wallflower knows it. Reading this book prompted me to reread It Happened One Autumn. I know I read it before , but I don’t remember much about it. As I’m reading, the story is coming back to me. The rounders game and the cantankerous mother. I vaguely remember a carriage ride to Gretna Green, but I don’t remember the circumstances. I can’t wait to find out.

The other books in the series are Secrets of a Summer Night and Scandal in Spring. I remember Secrets and the cover of Scandal in Spring looks familiar, but I might have to read it again to refresh my memory.

Enjoying these books is also reminding me about the joy I find in writing. So I’m back to my bigfoot story and maybe I’ll get to that historical my friend keeps asking about.
Are there books that come back into your memory piece by piece?

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4 Responses to Wallflowers

  1. Patricia Kiyono says:

    Yes! I rarely re-read things, though, because there are so many NEW books out there screaming for my attention. The Wallflower series sounds like fun – maybe next summer…

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  2. jeff7salter says:

    Well, first of all, I’m glad you’re returning that bigfoot tale — and I’m eager to read it when it’s complete.
    I don’t think I’ve read a wallflower story, but I certainly can identify with characters who are shy and either wish to remain on the fringes (or are forced to…for whatever reasons).
    There aren’t all that many stories/books which I’ve re-read. But I did re-read a couple of novels by Nathaniel Benchley. In one of these, A Winter’s Tale, apparently all I recalled correctly was that this guy was a visiting director for a small theater troop. Pretty much everything else seemed new to me. Though, in my defense, it had been some 40 yrs since I’d read it previously.


  3. I’m glad you have returned to your Bigfoot story. I would look forward to reading it someday.


  4. I, too, am looking forward to your Bigfoot story! I do re-read, but not as much as I would like, time being a problem. With detailed books,(anything from War and Peace to Harry Potter books), there are always details that you don’t always remember. And wen it comes to characters y ou LOVE, rereading brings them to life again.


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