Feet, Wheels, or Wings?

Our usual methods of travel are limited to our feet, our bikes, and our car. We live in a small town and most places are within walking distance. Occasionally, we opt for driving when we could walk because of the whining that might ensue when we have to use our feet to get home.
Even when traveling longer distances, we opt for the truck rather than an airplane. Mostly because it’s cheaper and more convenient. When we arrive at our destination, we have the carseats and vehicle that we need rather than having to rent them.
The last time we flew as a family the twins were five-months-old. Being post 9/11, we studied the rules for liquids as we would need to have bottles for the kids on the planes. I had bags arranged for diapers and multiple options to entertain the babies and assuage any ear pressure problems. We planned to check out bags, but gate check the stroller and carseats.
Everything went well until we boarded the plane. Our seats at the back of the plane, which had been chosen in case the babies spent most of the flight crying, couldn’t be used. You see, we didn’t buy seats for the kids intending to take them on as lap babies. However, nowhere on the lists of flight information does it say that you can only have one lap baby per row. There is only one extra oxygen mask per row, so my husband and I couldn’t sit next to each other.
All the planning I had done for bottles and diapers was for naught now that my husband and I were separated by several rows of passengers. Thankfully, the other passengers were willing to help pass bottles back and forth.
This was not the only surprise. One of our gates was changed at the last minute and our luggage did not make the final flight. (Thankfully we had gate-checked our stroller and carseats.) The flight that left from that gate went to Paris. I hope my underwear did not go to Paris without me.
Our bags were delivered the next day in a fancy town car. Another experience my underwear have had that I haven’t.
We attempted to fly to Florida one other time. Three days before we were to leave, the airline went bankrupt.
One of my friends talks about taking the train various places and I think I would like this for traveling. My husband doesn’t like flying as it messes with his ears, so this might be a good option in the future. We could enjoy the scenery and be able to walk around a bit.
Have you ever taken the train for a long trip?

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SAHM writing romance with at a case of the giggles. Former librarian. Avid reader. Runner.
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8 Responses to Feet, Wheels, or Wings?

  1. jeff7salter says:

    Great title for a new story:
    My underwear went to Paris without me.
    Gosh, that flight with the baby twins sounds like a LOT of extra trouble.

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  2. Joselyn says:

    It was a good trip, but there were a lot of snafus that we really didn’t need. We need learn that my son must sleep with certain blankies every night. 8 years later he still must have them. I’m afraid to wash them because they will disintegrate.

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    • jeff7salter says:

      Travel snafus with adults can be an interesting diversion — that might make the trip especially memorable. But with kids, especially young ones, it can be an ordeal and struggle for survival.

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  3. Patricia Kiyono says:

    Traveling with kids is certainly an exercise in patience and flexibility! I think that’s one reason my mom hated vacations when we were young. My daughters and I took the train to Chicago a few times when they were in grade school, and that was fun, but we never went any farther than that. I think I REALLY enjoyed traveling with kids once they got old enough to help with the driving.

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  4. WOW, you had bad times! (I didn’t realized that you had twins). I’ve only flown with kids pre-9/11, but I was putting someone on a plane once and a couple with twin infants in car seats couldn’t get four seats together….and the mother of the kids threw a FIT that the airline was going to make her sit with one baby and her husband sit with another! She actually wanted to put the infants in their seats together with strangers, rows away from her and their father!

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