Guest Author: Kathy Bosman

kathy-purpleshirtThis week is set aside for guests, and I decided to ask fellow Clean Reads author Kathy Bosman to join us. Last year she put out a call for short stories with a theme of second chances. The theme intrigued me, and I decided to join in with my story “Flowers for Maddy.” Three other authors – another Clean Reads author E. A. West, and South African authors Leenna Naidoo and Pravina Maharaj – also responded to the call, and I’m amazed at the energy and drive each person has given to the project. The anthology has been available on Amazon since last November, with all proceeds going to the Hope in Christ Orphanage in South Africa, where Kathy lives. I asked Kathy to share with us how the idea for this anthology came about, and she was kind enough to respond. Here she is:


What Inspired the Second Chances Anthology
by Kathy Bosman

When I first wrote His Treasure, my story in Second Chances – A Love Anthology, I never envisioned what would happen with my little story. It was inspired by my editor of The Album series who said she’d loved to see a story about Bridget, one of my secondary characters. So, I wrote the story and it was great fun, especially researching the treasure hunting hobby which I’d like to try out one day.

I announced to all my author friends on Facebook that I’d like to form an anthology of stories to put His Treasure into. I’d worked with other indie anthologies and found it to be an interesting experience. The response was quite positive, and after E.A. West’s suggestion of making the proceeds go to charity took off, we became way more focused as a group. It’s as though the idea of donating to a charity made the authors extra-enthusiastic about promoting and working on the project. Which only goes to show the heart of the authors.

I’m so glad the anthology authors agreed with my suggestion to donate to Hope in Christ Orphanage in Ingogo, South Africa. They were the first people I thought of, purely because I know the couple who run the home and have seen the work that they’re doing at the orphanage. I’ve watched how they took over the project after the devastating fire destroyed the previous home and claimed the lives of their dear mother and nephew and niece. The dedication they showed over the years before the building project even started, in spite of the greatest odds, and the way they managed to obtain funding to build the first house and dining area, reveals that they are people of rock-solid character. Besides that, Joann and Andrew are humble, down-to-earth people who don’t at all make you feel like they’ve arrived. They’ve always been dedicated parents, and I knew they would carry that love forward toward the children under their care. And they are doing just that.

But it’s also not easy. They rely on funding to survive—for themselves as a family and to run the home and look after the orphans. And, in Africa, it never comes easily. So, I was thrilled when everyone agreed to help them. Whatever we can give toward their home, even just a little, works toward making the world a better place.

When a couple falls in love, sometimes their relationship doesn’t work out and they part ways. One day they may meet up again. The sparks fly. The hurtful memories rise to the surface. Is it possible for them to heal the rift between them and start all over again? Can they have a second chance at love? Or is it too late? Find out in this feel-good anthology of five unique, sweet romances. All proceeds go to charity: HIC Children’s Home, Newcastle, South Africa.

Second Chances: A Love Anthology is available at Amazon.

Read more about the anthology at our website and Facebook page.


Blurbs for individual stories:

Escaping the Past” by E. A. West:

When Felicia Coronado’s soon-to-be ex-husband kidnaps her daughter on a remote mountain road, she must rely on the assistance of a group of soldiers in the area for a training exercise. She’s stunned to discover the soldier in charge is the high school sweetheart she never thought she would see again. Lieutenant Mark Benson never stopped loving Felicia, even after she dumped him before their senior prom. Now, six years later, he learns the truth behind why she left him. Can he forgive her for the past and give her a chance for the future once her divorce is final, or will he help find her missing daughter and leave Felicia behind?


“Giovanni’s Christmas Bride” by Pravina Majaraj:

Italian billionaire Giovanni Ferruccio had sworn never to forgive Brennan Shaw for breaking off their engagement and marrying his cousin Anthony.

Five years later, when fate delivers a widowed Brennan and her young son Luca to Giovanni’s door, he is determined to discover the reason for Brennan’s betrayal. But after one too many kisses under the mistletoe, Giovanni realises he can’t let go off Brennan and wants to make her his Christmas bride.


Flowers for Maddy” by Patricia Kiyono:

Maddy Benning’s life has been full of missed opportunities. She’s had to settle for commuting to local colleges rather than attending the school she and her high school boyfriend had chosen, and spend all her time either working or taking care of her mother. She’s resigned herself to a life void of excitement and love. Meeting Jake again opens new hurts—but can it lead to new joys?

Jake Warner gave up his teaching position to return to his Lake Michigan hometown and care for his father. But it looks like the job is more than he can handle on his own. While looking for appropriate care, he runs into a girl from his past. Years ago, their parting had been painful. But was there more to the story than he’d realized?


“His Treasure” by Kathy Bosman:

Bridget is the new chairlady for the Treasure Hunter’s Club, a hobby she’s taken up to fill the loneliness after breaking up with her boyfriend Dale. The magic has left her life too, or so it seems, because the magic matchmaking photo album told her Dale was the right man for her. So when her ex-boyfriend walks into the club meeting, she’s barely able to make her speech. Dale can’t believe he’s in the same room as the woman who broke his heart and made him lose interest in dating. Being together for a night might be too painful to bear.


“Three Million’s a Crowd” by Leenna Naidoo:

Munro Calliston needs to win a few million. Vivian Francis needs to win back Munro. The TV reality show Treasure Seekers seems the perfect route to a win-win situation…But can two so very wrongs ever make things right?



About Patricia Kiyono

During her first career, Patricia Kiyono taught elementary music, computer classes, elementary classrooms, and junior high social studies. She now teaches music education at the university level. She lives in southwest Michigan with her husband, not far from her five children, nine grandchildren (so far), and great-granddaughters. Current interests, aside from writing, include sewing, crocheting, scrapbooking, and music. A love of travel and an interest in faraway people inspires her to create stories about different cultures. Check out her sweet historical contemporary romances at her Amazon author page:
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9 Responses to Guest Author: Kathy Bosman

  1. Welcome,Kathy! Although I am so terribly backed-up with a TBR list that will never end,I stopped before I got to the end of your explanation, before the blurb, to jump over to Amazon and order “Second Chances” to support the orphanage; I wish I could do more. I will read the stories soon, as I do like to read anthologies while I am waiting.
    I wish you all the best,


  2. jeff7salter says:

    What a terrific idea… to pull together an anthology and donate the proceeds to a worthwhile endeavor. Congratulations on that project, from top to bottom.
    Several familiar names among your contributors.
    Keep up the great work… and let me know when you’re planning another anthology!

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  3. Joselyn says:

    Adding to my TBR list.

    Liked by 1 person

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