Where’d the time go?

I am most definitely a clock watcher. Like Patty, I can’t stand being late. But I also dislike being overly early (depending on what the appointment is). I would rather sit at home and watch the clock, then wait somewhere else wondering if I am in the right place, or if anyone else is going to show up, or it I look strange to all the other people there.

While the kids are at school, I have alarms set for when I need to pick them up just in case time gets away from me. Most days it doesn’t. I’ll finish up whatever I’m working on with about twenty minutes until pickup time. Then I’ll waste time watching YouTube videos when I could probably get a lot done on a chapter. On the occasions that I do start working, those alarms are so annoying.


When I have large chunks of time, I probably get less done because I think I have lots of time to do it later. I can check Pinterest, and Etsy, and Facebook just one more time. And four hours later, I still haven’t opened my manuscript.


The worst time I had for watching the clock was when I sat in my children’s class for an hour while their teacher was at a special lunch. Most of the time was taken by recess… indoor recess. I am pretty sure I looked at the clock every thirty seconds and I am confident that the clock hands moved backwards. Not that the children were misbehaving, but it just wasn’t the situation for me.

The other time that time moves too slowly for me is from ten minutes to thirty minutes on the treadmill. It goes reasonably quickly before and after that.

Time tends to go the fastest for me when everyone has gone to bed and I should be heading that way too. I open my manuscript and the words start flowing and soon it’s an hour later, but the ideas are still coming.

Or if I’m sewing. Things always seem to take longer than I think they will and a project takes a whole day rather than the hour or two I’m expecting. Thus why I need the pickup alarms.

What activities help you forget the clock?

About Joselyn

SAHM writing romance with at a case of the giggles. Former librarian. Avid reader. Runner.
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7 Responses to Where’d the time go?

  1. Forget the clock? Writing…and sewing, when I get to it.
    Let’s face it, some are cut out for working with kids and some aren’t. I am not one it comes easily to…working with other people’s kids.

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  2. I set an alarm on early dismissal days because otherwise I would forget. I am o used to leaving at 3 to get the boys from school.

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  3. When I write, sew, bake, or read I tend to forget the clock. Thankfully there are timers to keep cookies and cakes from being forgotten.

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  4. Patricia Kiyono says:

    Writing and crafting (any kind) make time go quickly for me. As for working with kids, I don’t mind it, as long as we’re DOING something together – singing, playing a game, or even doing a lesson – but it sounds like you were just “holding down the fort,” which sounds boring. Didn’t the teacher leave something for you to do with them – a puzzle, a craft project, a story to read aloud?


    • Joselyn says:

      She did! They were all occupied. Each in a different group with a different game or toy that they chose to play with. I think I was terrified that at any moment they were all going to go crazy. I was slightly terrified that they were being too crazy during outdoor recess too. Really glad I didn’t go into teaching.


  5. jeff7salter says:

    as you revealed, I often think I’ll quickly check email & FB for one quick moment… and next thing I know, 90 minutes has gone by.
    For me, exercising time goes by rather quickly. I usually do 75-85 minutes (combination of stationary bike and “arm-cycle”). If the TV in front of me has something interesting, that time seems to fly by. It goes slower if the TV is switched to the stock market report or weather channel or a talk show.
    Time for a retiree is a different animal than for a young mom & wife. I guess that’s what I’ll explore on Hound Day.


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