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Return of Author David Parmelee

Welcome Back, Writer/ Author David Parmelee! David was one of my first guests when I joined 4F, 1H. I asked him to join us because he had just had his first novel published. It is based on actual events during … Continue reading

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Leigh Verrill-Rhys, Guest Fox Redux

Welcome Back, Leigh! By Jeff Salter Leigh was among my first skulk [yes, that’s the correct term ] of Guest Foxes, appearing for Hound Day on April 28, 2011, almost exactly six years ago today. We had 57 comments to … Continue reading

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Guest Author: Karen Booth and Seasoned Romances

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I had read Bring Me Back, a seasoned romance by Karen Booth. Karen is the founder of the Seasoned Romance group on Facebook, and since I love reading and writing about mature characters … Continue reading

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Heartfelt Suffering

We are asked to discuss Spring Allergies this week and, well, I don’t suffer from them. Never mind, I do suffer from them because everyone around me suffers from them. [I do have medication and food allergies which are a … Continue reading

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Now I’m a Believer

Yep… Allergies are Real By Jeff Salter Goodness knows, I have several OTHER medical issues, but I never had the curse of ALLERGIES as a kid. [What little I even heard about allergies made them sound distant and esoteric — … Continue reading

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Hay fever

Spring time allergies are not something that I suffer from like so many others do. My middle child had one year where he suffered from hay fever in a bad way.   About six years ago in the middle of … Continue reading

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Spring Time Allergies

Until last year I never had any problems with spring allergies. One year in junior high, I had fall allergies. My mom wasn’t big on giving me medication so this was the first time I had to learn how to … Continue reading

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Sniffles and Sneezes and Coughs, Oh My!

This week our resident hound asked about springtime allergies. Growing up, I suffered greatly from those seasonal maladies. I’d take all sorts of medications for sneezing, coughing, watery eyes, and runny nose. I accepted these conditions as a fact of life … Continue reading

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Review and Recommendation: The Septimus Heap Series

It’s a “Free Week” at 4F,1H and it also happens to be Holy Week, the week before Easter. For me, that means plenty of house and food prep. This year finds me doing less and moving slower than I normally … Continue reading

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Living Up in the Trees

In a Tree House… Above all the Strife By Jeff Salter I’ve always loved tree houses and (since childhood) I’ve dreamed of living up in the trees. Well, I never actually made that goal, but I did manage to write … Continue reading

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