Spring Time Allergies

Until last year I never had any problems with spring allergies. One year in junior high, I had fall allergies. My mom wasn’t big on giving me medication so this was the first time I had to learn how to swallow a pill.

Last spring, however, my kids all came down with some kind of infection. They would be ‘off’ for a day and wake up sometime during the night with a horrible earache. The older two recovered fairly normally. The youngest took longer. She would be fine for a few hours and I would wonder why I kept her home from school, then she would burst into tears because her ear hurt so badly. We eventually discovered that she had an ear infection.

I had some of this crud and it seemed to go away after a few days. Except I had a strange headache for the rest of the summer. It felt like I had fluid in my ears and that the fluid in my head was toxic. It would come and go. I would feel cruddy for an afternoon and feel better then next day. I finally went in to the doctor and was given antibiotics for a sinus infection.

It got somewhat better, although the side effects of the antibiotic were pretty nasty. At least the headaches got better.

Fast forward to Christmas. The headaches, etc. are back. Allergy medicine is helping.

I’ve had a strange thought that the allergy is triggered by chocolate. It’s possible, but I’m not desperate enough to test the theory yet.

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5 Responses to Spring Time Allergies

  1. jeff7salter says:

    I hope I never develop that allergy to chocolate… gasp.
    all kidding aside, however, it does sound like you have something rather persistent going on… whether it’s a reaction to seasonal things like pollen, external things like maybe mold, or internally consumed elements (ingredients in certain foods you eat often).
    Hopefully you can track down the villain(s) and dispatch them properly.


  2. Wow, sounds like maybe some allergy tests might help you out a bit.


  3. Patricia Kiyono says:

    I’ve got a few food allergies, but if chocolate is one of them I wouldn’t want to know, either. Hope the allergy meds do the trick for your kids.


  4. My mother , also, was anti-antihistamines. I became allergic to eggplant about 4 years ago out of nowhere! Food allergies are no fun, but I am allergic to quite a few meds.
    I hope chocolate is not a problem, although my intake is cut back to next to nothing now that I am a diabetic.


  5. Joselyn says:

    It probably wouldn’t hurt me to cut back on chocolate since it is one of my three main food groups. I have cut out one chocolate product and some symptoms are better. Food allergies and intolerances are awful.


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