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Summer Plans

Summer is here and things are already hectic. It’s the first week of summer vacation but the kids are all being social this summer so the plans for relaxing with my kids once I’m done with work sort of got … Continue reading

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I said I wasn’t doing it again.

After running two pretty disappointing marathons, I convinced myself I wouldn’t do another one. They weren’t going well, so maybe the distance just wasn’t for me. Until eight weeks ago, when scheduling conflicts prevented me from doing the 25k race … Continue reading

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Fifty Favorites for 2017: Part Five

Today is Memorial Day. One of my fellow foxes reminded us that the holiday is meant to honor our veterans who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. I’m fortunate in that the two veterans in my immediate family lived through … Continue reading

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Confidentially, I Am Comfortable

Apparelly,(!), I suggested this week’s topic. “What Is Your Most Comfortable Piece of Clothing”, but I think we may have covered this years ago, with other Foxes. Only one piece? First, I have to say that I am not a … Continue reading

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Clothing of Comfort

My Venerable Leather Jacket By Jeff Salter For this week’s topic, our Friday Fox asked about our “most comfortable piece of clothing.” Coming up blank initially, I finally realized this would my go-to jacket — my leather coat styled after … Continue reading

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comfortable clothes

This week we’re talking about comfortable clothes. It used to be I’d wear just about anything and could be comfortable in it. In high school my comfortable clothes were baggy jeans, clinched at the waist with a belt, several chains … Continue reading

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“I’m not going to wear that.”

I tend to avoid clothing that isn’t comfortable. You won’t see me in high heels, or dresses that require overly restrictive undergarments (or unsupportive undergarments) unless absolutely necessary. As a stay at home mom, my wardrobe doesn’t require much variation. … Continue reading

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Design for Comfort

This week, we’re describing our most comfortable piece of clothing. Back when I was young and had a figure, I was comfortable wearing almost any kind of clothing. I could wear clingy dresses and heels, jeans and t-shirts, and even … Continue reading

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Guest: Author Alan Orloff

Today my guest is Alan Orloff, and a fascinating fellow he is!   In his bio, Alan lists many varied and interesting career moves. As I was stalking doing research on him, he mentioned a number jobs that warmed me … Continue reading

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Guest Fox, Renee Campbell

Welcome to Hound Day, Renee! By Jeff Salter Delighted to welcome Renee Campbell as my Guest Fox on Hound Day. I first became acquainted with Renee when I was inadvertently sitting in her chair at a recent local author event. … Continue reading

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