Where Would I Go?

And Why Would I Be There?

By Jeff Salter

Our Wednesday Fox posed these questions as our weekly topic:

  1. If you had an unlimited amount of funds and time to visit any place in the world to do research for a book… where would you go?
  2. Do you have a project in mind?

I’m not certain I can explain WHY, but I seem to have always possessed an affinity for the history, culture, and literature of England… therefore, surely the top of my “to visit” list would be the major spots within and among the British Isles.

I would NOT want to rush my trip but I would not want to be there during the colder months, either. So the timing would have to be just right. I’d want to travel at my own speed, but not have to drive — so I’d want a knowledgeable guide, who was also able to keep his/her mouth shut (most of the time) so I could contemplatively enjoy the sites and scenery without a lot of jabbering.


But do I have a particular writing project already in mind for any location within the British Isles?

Not yet… but I’ll bet I could come up with one in a hurry, if informed of these unlimited funds and time to travel there. At the very least, I could take one of the 140 or so concepts or story “starts” I already have and relocate the setting to somewhere over yonder. [Yeah, you can do that. If you don’t believe me, just recall all those British TV shows which were re-populated with American characters and re-located to some place in the U.S.]

But, knowing me and how story ideas pop into my head, I’m betting a few days along in this leisurely tour… and I’d have the first of several ideas for stories to be set there.

Now, where do I go for this fantastic gift of money and time?


Where would YOU like to visit for research about a story you’re writing?

[JLS # 334]



About Jeff Salter

Currently writing romantic comedy, screwball comedy, and romantic suspense. Fourteen completed novels and four completed novellas. Working with three royalty publishers: Clean Reads, Dingbat Publishing, & TouchPoint Press/Romance. "Cowboy Out of Time" -- Apr. 2019 /// "Double Down Trouble" -- June 2018 /// "Not Easy Being Android" -- Feb. 2018 /// "Size Matters" -- Oct. 2016 /// "The Duchess of Earl" -- Jul. 2016 /// "Stuck on Cloud Eight" -- Nov. 2015 /// "Pleased to Meet Me" (novella) -- Oct. 2015 /// "One Simple Favor" (novella) -- May 2015 /// "The Ghostess & MISTER Muir" -- Oct. 2014 /// "Scratching the Seven-Month Itch" -- Sept. 2014 /// "Hid Wounded Reb" -- Aug. 2014 /// "Don't Bet On It" (novella) -- April 2014 /// "Curing the Uncommon Man-Cold -- Dec. 2013 /// "Echo Taps" (novella) -- June 2013 /// "Called To Arms Again" -- (a tribute to the greatest generation) -- May 2013 /// "Rescued By That New Guy in Town" -- Oct. 2012 /// "The Overnighter's Secrets" -- May 2012 /// Co-authored two non-fiction books about librarianship (with a royalty publisher), a chapter in another book, and an article in a specialty encyclopedia. Plus several library-related articles and reviews. Also published some 120 poems, about 150 bylined newspaper articles, and some 100 bylined photos. Worked about 30 years in librarianship. Formerly newspaper editor and photo-journalist. Decorated veteran of U.S. Air Force (including a remote ‘tour’ of duty in the Arctic … at Thule AB in N.W. Greenland). Married; father of two; grandfather of six.
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11 Responses to Where Would I Go?

  1. I like the idea of a quiet guide.

    I believe you would come up with several new ideas once you were there.

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    • jeff7salter says:

      well, plus — while you’re also visiting Ireland — maybe we can hook up for a cup of coffee and tour of a castle.


  2. jbrayweber says:

    The British Isles would be a great trip. It is, after all, a history-rich place. It would be fascinating!

    Being an author of pirate romance and adventure, it should come as no surprise that I would want to visit any and all the islands in the Caribbean. Though I have been to 10, there are 28 island nations (I think) and over 7,000 individual islands. I could probably come up with nearly as many stories. *sigh* I long to go back.

    I would also want to visit Italy. Like you, I’d like a leisurely tour with a quiet guide. Rome, Venice, Pompeii… This is on my bucket list.


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    • jeff7salter says:

      I’ve only been to a small handful of the Caribbean islands — during a 5 nite/6 day cruise I took in late 1998. One was Cancun… don’t recall the others.
      Yeah, France and Italy would be on my list to visit… but only after I’d satisfied myself about the British Isles.

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  3. (Maybe I should make a comment about Ireland not wanting to be considered part of Britain, but I will let it slide!)
    That would be a wonderful trip; so much history and no language problem…well, not MUCH of one! Sometimes The Husband need subtitles when we watch English TV shows. HA!
    And, yes, seasonal timing would be a good idea.
    I have a place not mentioned this week, (which kind of surprises me), and a project in mind.
    I know I can count on you to drop in tomorrow!

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    • jeff7salter says:

      I prefer to watch many of the Brit shows with closed captions also, but our tv won’t let us do that anymore… for some reason.
      Yeah, it boggles my mind that a sizeable percentage of the Irish have been involuntary subjects of the British Crown for so many generations. I read somewhere that Australia had a referendum about whether to remain with the Crown or become independent… and their vote settled the issue (to remain). I wonder what such a vote in Ireland would result in?

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  4. Patricia Kiyono says:

    I’m sure you would have endless story ideas after a visit to England! There is SO much to see and do. I think part of the appeal of visiting England are a shared past, as well as a shared (sort of) language, so an unguided trip would be less problematic than it would be when visiting a nation whose people might not be able to communicate with you.

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    • jeff7salter says:

      One reason I’d want a guide is that I wouldn’t want to appear as “touristy” as the typical “Yank”. I’d want to respect property and culture and not inadvertently behave in a way that the locals might consider gauche.

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      • Patricia Kiyono says:

        Yes, it’s good to have a native along. By unguided, I meant not part of a guided tour. Guided tours are nice for finding out about the big things (and sometimes it’s easier when visiting the big places, because you don’t have to stand in line for tickets), but once you’ve seen those, it’s fun to explore.

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      • jeff7salter says:

        If visiting an area in which known dangers existed, I’d definitely want a guided tour… with as many burly co-tourists as possible. But hopefully — notwithstanding the recent London Bridge attack and the concert terrorism — the British Isles would be relatively safe… compared with many other regions of the world.


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