Wild Wild West

Wild, Wild West

I used to day dream about living in the old West. I blame it on books and movies. I fell in love with The Little House on the Prairie books when I was young. I recall having pulled them from my grandparents library on the farm that they bought me my very own box set for my 8 birthday. My other grandparents (on mom’s side) gifted me with The Little House on the Prairie Cookbook that same birthday. I loved making butter for the big family dinners around the holidays. Pair my love for that series with my dad’s enjoyment of western movies and I was convinced I had been born in the wrong time. The summer between fourth and fifth grade I found myself reading a 1300 page book about Sacajewea. I was even more convinced that I should have lived back when the West was being discovered.


I longed to live off the land, explore new places, and cultures. I hated dresses but thought I would enjoy the ones that were in fashion back then. There has always been a pull toward the West, even now I still have that desire.


What would I do? That’s a tough one. I enjoy sewing but I’m certainly not good enough to be a seamstress for all the bachelors who would be needin to purchase their clothes ready-made. I refuse to sing in public and can’t stand inebriated people so working in a saloon would be out of the question. I used to be a pretty decent shot back when I used to shoot with a gun, even better with my bow, and alright with throwing knives so maybe I could polish up and be good enough to join Wild Bill’s show.


I love horses and letters but women were not allowed to ride for the Pony Express so unless I could disguise myself as a man that would be out of the question. I really don’t like my hair short so I probably wouldn’t even attempt that.

However, I think I could combine it all and run a ranch. I could help defend our land if the need arose, I’d be able to be around animals, could hunt,  and farm. Days would start before the sun came up and end after it went down. It would be a hard life filled with challenges but rewarding and fulfilling. I could help tame my little bit of the Wild West by teaching my children if there was no school near by. They would still get an education, could go to college, then return to start their own lives. Before you know it the West would be won and I’d be rocking outside my house enjoying the sunset on Sunday evening.


Have you ever dreamed of living or even visiting the old West?

About Angela Schroeder

Angela Schroeder is a single mother of three. She was born and raised in Iowa in a river town known for its pearl buttons. Having four siblings, she never lacked for someone to play with. As she grew older, she found herself pulled into books and writing more and more. Her parents are her heroes, her siblings her confidants and tormentors, and her children are a wonderful blessing. Church is important to her children and her. They enjoy the friendships they’ve made with the people there. Writing has always been a passion. Her first experience was in fifth grade when she went to a one-day writing conference. After that she knew it was something she wanted to pursue.
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3 Responses to Wild Wild West

  1. jeff7salter says:

    somehow I can picture you as Angie Oakley — great with rifle, axe, knife, or bow & arrow.
    And, yes — I believe you manifest enough of the pioneer spirit that you’d manage well on a moderate sized ranch. Hopefully you’ve also got a hired hand or two, of course.

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  2. Joselyn says:

    When I read the Little House on the Prairie books as a kid, they didn’t seem that frightening. My mom did a lot of the food preservation stuff, so it seemed normal. I did not pick up those talents. Being days away from a grocery store would not be good.

    It sounds like you have the right talents for a ranch owner.

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  3. MA Cartwright! Sounds like a job for you! You are better at the outdoorsy stuff than I could ever be.I am a wimp, I admit.
    I didn’t read the Little House books until read them with my sons…and to be frank, the idea of traveling around constantly,out in the middle of nowhere with little kids horrifies me! ANYTHING could have happened and then they would be ALONE. [shudder!]
    Nope, I was not born too late.


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