‘Piggy We Stole From the Shed’

I thought this topic was a great idea when I thought of it, but as I started to think about writing it, I couldn’t think of the right person for me to write about. Sure, a variety of recent musicians and Hollywood celebrities came to mind. Some I was familiar with their work and was sad that it would no longer be continued and others that I had name recognition for, but couldn’t tell you one song that they sang or movie they appeared in. Most of the time their ends came under tragic drug-related circumstances.

Then my mind leaped to science and while several prominent names came to mind, I had no idea if they had lived to make their marks on their fields.  I thought perhaps I might write about Madam Curie whose own discovery was what eventually killed her (she liked to carry radioactive things around in her pocket), but while fascinating I didn’t feel drawn to her discoveries or her life.

So who did I wish had made a larger contribution to our world? I was perplexed. The answer didn’t come to me until I saw Patricia’s post pop up on Facebook yesterday. It reminded me that I still needed to write this, and as a bit of panic entered my stomach, I kept scrolling.

And there was a picture of John Denver.

A musician that I had a strong connection to and who died tragically in an airplane crash.

When I think of John Denver’s music, I fills me with happiness. I remember the eight track player in my mom’s living room and the nubby texture of the carpet under my feet as I danced/galloped around the living room to ‘Thank God I’m a Country Boy’ (which I later learned was written by John Summers) and ‘Grandma’s Feather Bed.’

I watched a documentary a few years ago about his music, his love for his wife, and his life. There was something about his music that connected with my life growing up on a farm and a strong connection to the earth. I also love the sometimes not-so-subtle humor.

While he created many beautiful songs, I would certainly enjoy many more of his lyrics and graceful music.

So I’ll leave one of my favorite’s here:

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5 Responses to ‘Piggy We Stole From the Shed’

  1. Patricia Kiyono says:

    John Denver was one of my favorite singer/songwriters, too. I grew up in the suburbs, but his songs resonated with the things we value as American families. Great choice!

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  2. jeff7salter says:

    Excellent choice — both of the artist and the song you singled out to represent his work.
    In fact, John Denver was on my short list to be featured this week on Hound Day. Now I’ll have to go back to the drawing board.
    Certainly Denver — talented and seemingly personable — left us way too soon.

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  4. Well, yes, boy anyone who knew him personally always bragged, and I ran into many of them in Colorado, for sure, but I also knew another “Brought-In ” here in Bardstown,KY who knew him,(and also bragged!)
    FYI, he ad Annie split up. Everyone vilified her,I have no person information.
    You threw me a real curve with this one! I’m wracking my brain!

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