Discovering New Authors

I confess to being swayed by a book’s cover or by the texture of the paper inside when searching for something to read. If the paper bends and flips just right and the finish is smooth, a book is even more tempting. Pretty colors and elegant dresses will tempt me when I’m looking for a historical romance. That’s one way I would come across a new author.
Occasionally I will discover a new author by scrolling through Facebook. I hope to help authors who are promo-ing a free book by downloading their book. Sometimes I get to reading them and some I don’t. When I do and I like the book, I will go back to their Amazon page and see what else they have that looks interesting. I like to see if they have a series, and if so, if any of the books feature characters that I’m interested in.
From what I understand, this is a pretty typical way to find new authors.
Another way I find new authors is through anthologies. I’ve discovered several new authors by purchasing anthologies that included authors I’ve enjoyed. It is a fun surprise to discover more stories and writers that I enjoy. I am currently reading an anthology called Sweet Tea and Kisses. Most of the stories are set in the South.
The final way I discover new authors is through skimming the free offerings on Amazon. I like to look for romantic comedies (although my definition of that genre (think ‘You’ve Got Mail’) seems to differ somewhat from Amazon’s. Partially because of this mis-match, this technique brings sketchy results.
What have you found to be a reliable way to discover new authors? What parts of the story will spur you to look at an author’s other books?

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7 Responses to Discovering New Authors

  1. jeff7salter says:

    yes, anthologies are a terrific way to introduce a dozen or more authors to the reading public. That’s one reason I had such high hopes for the Valentine’s Day anthology that Clean Reads put together a few springs ago. “Love and Diamonds” had, I believe, stories by 15 CR authors… including my story. I had hoped it would really take off.

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    • Patricia Kiyono says:

      Jeff, I think the Love and Diamonds anthology has sold better in the last year than it did when it first came out and we did all that promo. At least the numbers have been better on Novelrank.

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  2. I do enjoy anthologies. I have come across several authors in them who managed to entice me into purchasing more of their work.
    I also skim through the free lists on Amazon but have found them unreliable. I remember buying one that was supposed to be a sweet clean romance and it was a far cry from it. I tend to stick with FB parties and friend recommendations now. Though I love picking up bargain paperbacks whenever I can, even if I have never heard of the author.

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  3. I used to be swayed by covers, but not so much any more. I have to admit that titles can be a grabber, but I have not wanted to read a book by its title and found out it was really good.
    I also am going to mention anthologies as a good way to find new authors, but they have also misled me the wrong way. More on Friday.

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  4. Patricia Kiyono says:

    I’d forgotten about anthologies! They’re a great way to find stories based on a theme, and if the theme interests me already, chances are good I’ll like most of the stories.

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