Thankful for the flu!

My son had an allergist appointment about two weeks ago, and his doctor said that cold and flu season was about two weeks away. It arrived about four days early in our house.

My daughter has the cough and stuffy nose, and hopefully she doesn’t share. Yesterday, she stayed home from school, mostly because she claimed she was going to puke. She didn’t, thank goodness, but since she stayed home from school, I had to shift a bunch of plans around.

I was going to drive to Grand Rapids to visit my mom and run a few errands while the kids were at school. Couldn’t do that with a sick kid, didn’t want to expose my mom to the germs, nor did I want to take the risk of potential puking in the car.

So it meant that I stayed home and had a whole day to tackle the to do list of things that I wanted and/or needed to get done before Thanksgiving. I de-dogged the area rugs. I finished a read through of my Bigfoot story, something I was really worried about completing in my self-imposed deadline.

I still have some phone calls to make and mop the kitchen floor, but I feel so much more relieved about the list.

So sometimes we can be thankful for sick kids.

Today, I’m thankful that she felt well enough to go to school.


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SAHM writing romance with at a case of the giggles. Former librarian. Avid reader. Runner.
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6 Responses to Thankful for the flu!

  1. jeff7salter says:

    De-Dogged the Area Rugs
    A new situational novel by Joselyn Vaughn.
    Love the way you turned that particular “lemon” — having a child feeling too poorly to go to school — in to “lemonade”… and getting all those things accomplished.
    Lesser women might have just watched TV & whined.

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  2. Congrats on meeting your deadline and accomplishing everything else, despite the sick kids…glad everyone is feeling better.
    I had to de-dog my carpets and I don;t own a dog, but the ‘grandpuppy’ comes and he hasn’t grasped getting the excitement of a new place down completely.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

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  3. Glad that she’s feeling better today. Love that you were able to get so much done with a sick child. When my youngest is sick I hardly get anything done because all he wants to do is cuddle. When I go to do something he follows and clings to me. I can’t imagine getting so much done with a sick child at home.

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  4. Patricia Kiyono says:

    I always got more done during an unexpected day off than I did on a planned vacation. And I tended to save my sick days for staying home with sick kids. So I can totally relate to your thankfulness! Of course, getting things done depends on how sick they are. Glad your daughter is doing better.


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