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A Rumble on the horizon

Some people look forward to crocuses popping through the soil or the buds forming on the trees. Others notice the animals shedding their extra hair preparing for the warmer temperatures. I appreciate the warmer temperatures of spring and the ease … Continue reading

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The Sweet Taste of Spring

We’re discussing out favorite signs of spring this week. While it is only the end of February I’m already dreaming of spring. Normally, I love winter but winter and I had a little bit of a falling out this season. … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Winter

This week, one of the foxes asked, “What is your favorite sign of spring?” I enjoy all the usual signs – warmer weather, green grass (we enjoy it while we can, because a lot of it turns brown by the … Continue reading

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Do You, Too, YouTube?

I have made a great discovery: many great old movies and many great readings are available on YouTube. I can pick up YouTube for free on computer and through my Xbox, (into my TV.) I can pick it up on … Continue reading

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Not Easy Being Android

New Release — my 15th fiction title By Jeff Salter New release (only five days old) — my 15th fiction title. And my third title with the wonderful folks at TouchPoint Press. – – – Tag: I was a temporary … Continue reading

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Rainy Days in February

It started raining here yesterday, usually this time of year we get snow. And last week we got a lot of that. Over the weekend we got another inch of snow at least and then Sunday it all melted away. … Continue reading

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Remarkable Reads for 2018, Part Two

I managed to read four more books toward my goal of 50 reads for the year. Three of the four are from series. Sometimes I’ll continue a series because my first taste is so good it makes me want to … Continue reading

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Moving Dreams

This week’s question: “Have you ever considered moving to a warmer/better climate? If so, where would you consider going?” Oh, yes indeed, I have dreamt! I would not have said that when I was young. I grew up outside of … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Warmer, I’ve Been Colder

This place suits me just fine, thank you By Jeff Salter Our Michigan Fox suggested this week’s topic, “Have you ever considered moving to a warmer/better climate?” When my wife asked me what I was supposed to write about for … Continue reading

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There’s no place like home

It’s fitting that I write this post from Florida whose weather happens to be the exact opposite of Michigan’s today. The weather here is flirting with record highs in the high eighties while back home in Michigan, the wind chill … Continue reading

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