Easter traditions

My kids love doing an Easter egg hunt. I, however, struggle with what to put in the eggs. They really don’t need more candy.

Last year, I bought a bag of candy that I thought I could share with a group hunt we were doing and use the leftovers for our own hunt. My daughters had other ideas. The Thursday before I realized the bag was much emptier than it should be. I found the evidence of their raiding in the piles of Starburst wrappers under their beds. I refused to buy more candy. How would we have our hunt?

I finally came up with a scavenger hunt. Each child had their own list of clues hidden in eggs that would take them around the yard, garage, and camper. They had to decipher the hint and find the next egg. Figuring out thirty locations in our small yard was kind of tricky as was making the clues vague but understandable for the kids. “Where you sleep when you aren’t home.” “Where Wanda gets her letters.”

The kids loved it. Some of the clues stumped them, but they eventually figured them out. The only snafu was that my son correctly interpreted his clue as searching by the canoe. Unfortunately he found the egg in the tire swing by the canoe and not the egg in the canoe, so his sister had some trouble finding her egg that was supposed to be in the tire swing and following the rest of her clues. I think we ended up having her finish the rest of his search since he finished hers. Along the way, they each found an emoji keychain and a chocolate bunny. Their searches ended by looking under their beds and finding two-wheeled scooters.

I better start preparing for this year’s search. I’m going to need to make it more complicated this year, but I have no idea what the final treasure will be.


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6 Responses to Easter traditions

  1. I used to play ‘Treasure Hunt” with my grandkids.With the first one, I drew pictures (badly) of where the next clue would be and helped him decipher what I had drawn the first time. Then I started doing word clues that rhymed for them all to find,(with whoever could read first, then taking turns).I miss those.
    As for Easter, I will tell this on Friday: for a few years as they were older youngsters, I hid varying coins in plastic eggs for them to find, from 3 pennies up. If anyone’s haul was well below the others, I made it up to them.

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  2. jeff7salter says:

    I love the idea of the scavenger hunt. I think that would be fun for the old folks, too!

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  3. What a wonderful idea!! Could you maybe color code the eggs? Purple, pink, and orange would be for one child and blue, yellow, green for another? That way they would end up with the right clues.

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  4. Patricia Kiyono says:

    Wow, that sure took a lot of planning and preparation! I can see why the kids loved it. Can’t wait to hear what you come up with this year. It’ll be hard to top that!

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