More Memories from Easter Time

And, let’s face it — when we’re kids, it’s about the candy

By Jeff Salter

Of course, I know the real point of Easter Sunday has nothing to do with bunnies, egg hunts, or candy.  And it’s not supposed to be about new dresses with frilly gloves and bonnets and shiny shoes.  [Or, for boys, a scratchy new sports coat and a new button-down shirt with an itchy stiff collar.]

But those are the contemporary trappings for many who take notice of this special day.  Consequently, most memories of childhoods at Easter time likely involve something about baskets of candy and more-dressy-than-regular clothing.

Childhood memories

And, yes, I have such memories.

My favorite aspect of Easter was dying eggs.  I still remember that pungent smell of vinegar (and boiling ? water?) which was mixed with different concentrated tablets to make those several cups of vivid coloring.

Actually, regarding the outfits, I more remember seeing those old black-&-white snapshots … and recall that I always felt gawky and uncomfortable in the clothing.  In my case, however, it usually was NOT new clothing.  My family practiced the time-honored tradition of hand-me-downs … so my ‘new’ trousers were my big brother’s old slacks and most likely didn’t fit me at all.  Same for the shirts and sports coats.  My parents splurged on the shoes, however, likely because they realized the physical harm of wearing wrong-sized shoes.


But the candy was perhaps the biggest snack event of the year.  At no other time in my childhood were we lavished with tasty treats containing absolutely NO nutritional value whatsoever.  It was wonderful.

I had different tastes than the others in my family, however.  It seemed everybody else liked something called “Heavenly Hash” and another called “Gold Bricks”.  I didn’t care for either of those, but I would eagerly trade with siblings for other goodies which I DID enjoy.

My all time favorite, of course, was pure milk chocolate.  Most, I suppose, were molded as a bunny, and I loved both the solid and the hollow types.  Still do, in fact.

One of the biggest retail days of the year – for me and my brother – was the Monday after Easter, when we’d ride bikes to town and visit the dime stories and drug stores looking for half-price candy.  We never had a lot of money to spend, so having it go twice as far was a real victory.

Grown-up reflections

As a grown-up, I still like to catch the candy on sale.  I have a bit more money now, but still relish the bargain prices.

And I love seeing the grandkids get excited — about the new clothes, the basket of candy, and hunting eggs.

Yeah, the oldest grandkids already know that Easter is really about our risen Savior, rather than a benevolent bunny, but it’s still fun to see the excitement in the eyes of the littlest ones.


What do you remember about childhood Easter time?

Do you have a favorite candy?

[JLS # 376]

<<< I have to confess that I re-purposed my Easter column from 3-28-2013… because I got into a time squeeze with a big deadline. Well, what the heck — maybe some of you didn’t read it five years ago… and some of you may not read this far down anyhow. Ha. >>>


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12 Responses to More Memories from Easter Time

  1. Patricia Kiyono says:

    I don’t remember Heavenly Hash or Gold Bricks candy. I looked them up and both were made by the Elmer Company, and that name is also unfamiliar. Maybe they were a regional thing. But chocolate bunnies – oh yes! Growing up, our basket usually had three bunnies – one for each of us kids – and LOTS of jelly beans! Later on, when I had an income and could buy my own candy, I got hooked on Cadbury eggs. Yum. I have my supply, and plan to splurge after Easter dinner!

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    • jeff7salter says:

      I’ve become a devotee of Cadbury eggs, too. But I haven’t bought more than one or two this season, for some reason.


  2. I don’t know the Heavenly Hash or Gold Bricks, either,(perhaps they were only available in your regional market?), but I have one particular candy of note in my post for tomorrow.
    And yes, my ‘new’ clothes were often my sister’s, which has been put away because she is 7 years and 6 days older than I am.
    Once, my sister had gotten a number of really good dresses, (probably from an indulgent aunt), then she grew quickly and had hardly worn them. When I was about 10, my mother took me to the attic, had me try a couple on, declared them too big, and put them back.The next year we did the same routine, but she declared the dresses too small! I, too, had had a growth spurt at the same age as my sister had.

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    • jeff7salter says:

      it’s a shame that all those nice dresses were too big one year and too small the next. What rotten luck to fall in the crease between those years.

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  3. jbrayweber says:

    No idea what Heaven Hash or Gold Bricks are. I always enjoyed getting the chocolate bunnies but I have never like jelly beans. Yuck!

    As a young child, we would travel out to the country to my grandparents’ place for egg hunting and dinner. It was always about spending special time with family. At some point, the egg hunting morphed into a competition to see who could find the most. The tradition still carries and I am still the reigning champion…at 40-something. Just sayin’…

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  4. Discount candy! My kids love going to the store after Easter. We usually stock up on peeps so they can use them in their hot chocolate the following winter. I can’t stand Peeps but they like to see a little chick “swimming” in their hot chocolate on a cold winter day.
    I used to trade my jellybeans for chocolate or the egg bubblegum. I remember eating my rabbit a little at a time and making it last whereas my brothers would eat all of theirs on Easter.

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    • jeff7salter says:

      In recent years, I’ve not been as quick on the draw to get to the stores for the heavy discounts. In fact, I’ll sometimes forget about it until later in the week, when the stuff is 70%, but all they have is the dreggs.


  5. Joselyn says:

    It seems like my mom only bought jelly beans. I always wished for a Cadbury cream egg. The commercials made them sound divine. Then I ate one. I doubt I have eaten another one.

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