New to me, Kristan Higgins

Since my reading time tends to be limited to the fifteen minutes before I fall asleep, I stick to authors I know. Usually short and sweet romances.
However over the last few months, I have been studying a few new authors to learn more about new trends in writing styles. Upon this search, I discovered a new author that I absolutely love. In fact, I went on Google as soon as I finished the first book, so that I could sign up for newsletter and see how many books she had available.
51dhpdpa02lHer name is Kristan Higgins and she writes sweet (somewhat sensual) and funny romances. The first one I read was The Best Man and I am currently reading In Your Dreams. I plan to read the rest of the Blue Heron series, then check out the rest of her books.
The scene that sold me on the book was when Faith was in the bathroom of O’Rourkes and she loses her sweater. She has to escape from the bathroom without running into her ex-fiance. Her plan didn’t go as smoothly as she hoped. It was hilarious. Reading it anyway, I wouldn’t have wanted to be Faith. By the end of the book, Higgins has you crying with these same loveable characters.
So until I finish reading these books, my fifteen minutes of reading has been extended to two hours and I’m losing sleep. These books are worth it though.
You can find Kristan Higgins and her books at:

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6 Responses to New to me, Kristan Higgins

  1. Patricia Kiyono says:

    I met Kristan at the Spring Fling conference in Chicago several years ago. She’s as much fun in person as she is on the page! I agree, her books are wonderful. I haven’t read The Best Man yet, but I’ll have to look it up – after I read some of the ones I had her sign for me!

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  2. jeff7salter says:

    Welcome, Kristan, to 4F1H. Sounds like a cool story.


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  4. Sounds like real fun! I’ll keep this author in mind.


  5. I grabbed The Best Man to read next time we have to go to the doctor. It sounds like it will be enjoyable.

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