Leaps Tall Buildings…

I love superhero TV shows and movies. Superman and Christopher Reeve were my first big screen crush. My motivation for running on the treadmill is the latest episodes of Arrow, The Flash, Black Lightning, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Flash, Black Lightning, and many of the Legends have some kind of super human (or metahuman) ability. Super speed, able to shoot lightning, turn to steel, or vibing to from location to another (or one dimension to another).

Given my affinity for running, being able to run as fast as the Flash would be appealing, but I suspect he doesn’t achieve the same benefits as I do. Running for an hour helps clear my mind and de-stress my body. Sprinting like the Flash probably requires even more concentration than trail running where you have to watch for mud and rocks and tree roots. It’s not as easy to disconnect your brain on the trails. Every time I let my brain wander, I trip and fall on my face. At my pace, the crash isn’t so bad–a few scars, dirt in random places; at Barry Allen’s, the crash would be disastrous.

Arrow doesn’t have a metahuman super power, but he does have extreme archery skill. To develop this skill, he had to work and practice for many hours. He probably needs to continually practice to keep his talents up to par. (We don’t see many of his workouts on the shoe anymore. alas.) So his skill could be described as not just the ability to shoot arrows with deadly accuracy but also the drive and the passion to learn, develop, and hone that skill.


If that’s a super power, sign me up.  I love learning about new things, but I don’t always want to put the work into developing a new skill. Theoretically some topic will sound interesting, but when it’s is really foreign to me, I have a hard time finding the motivation to understand it without guidance.

The other super power I would be interested in is eight hours of undisturbed sleep. I’ve heard rumors about it but don’t believe it actually exists.

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SAHM writing romance with at a case of the giggles. Former librarian. Avid reader. Runner.
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6 Responses to Leaps Tall Buildings…

  1. that sleep thing is a myth when you have little ones.
    I never thought about what it would be like if the Flash tripped while running. That would be horrible! My boys love The Flash.

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  3. I’m keen on the idea of superpowers, now that the topic is brought up. As for The Arrow, I don’t know that his powers are ‘super-human’ but they are certainly above the norm. I mean, c’mon! I got OK at archery, I even taught it to Cub Scouts, but I could never be as good as he is; triathletes are not as good as he is, (try as they might)..That guy has a lot of strength and REALLY good eyesight!
    Undisturbed sleep! That may take super-human control by the people around us!


  4. jeff7salter says:

    like you, I’m far more attached to the “DC” stable of super heroes than to any of those creatures in the Marvel universe.
    I would definitely love to have the superpower of sleeping 8 hours without interruption. Can we assume there would be no need to use the bathroom during those hours?
    You’ve raised a good point about the Flash — one errant toenail on one exposed root… and he’d be plowing through the ground for 1000 feet.
    However — and I have this on good authority — the Flash moves with such speed that his feet don’t actually touch the ground. So he is, in effect, “flying” — though mere inches above the ground.
    You can check me on this, but I got it straight from the Green Lantern.

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  5. Patricia Kiyono says:

    Ha! Undisturbed sleep would be wonderful. Thirty years ago it was the kids who kept me awake; now it’s my own aches, pains and digestive system. Lightning speed would be fabulous, especially when I’m running late. Assuming I didn’t have to lug a bunch of stuff with me, I could just run to where I’m headed!

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