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Guest Author: Alina K. Field, Historical Romance

After reading A Leap Into Love by Alina K. Field, I noticed that she had a regency series. Since I love series romance, especially when they’re centered on families, I asked her to come and share with us about her books, and … Continue reading

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Assault Authors

This week we are talking about book genres that we hate/really don’t like. When I am asked what I read, I generally say, “Everything”, but that isn’t completely accurate. There was a time when I used to say, “Everything but … Continue reading

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I Don’t Know If It’s Art

But I Know What I DIS-like By Jeff Salter This week’s topic is about the kind of book [or genre] we really dislike. Gosh, this is more difficult that I imagined — it’s much easier for me to list what … Continue reading

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I wasn’t expecting that!

I used to want to read every book in existence. Every classic, every mystery, every spy thriller, every romance. But that was before responsibility when I could spend all afternoon reading Nancy Drew without feeling guilty about not making supper … Continue reading

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Oh, The Horror!!!

There is one genre of books that I just can’t bring myself to read. Horror. I used to devour books by R.L. Stine when I was in school. That was also during a time in my life when I could … Continue reading

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No Thanks, My TBR List is Long Enough

This week, we’re asked to name the types of books we dislike. I generally stay away from anything that involves explicit gore. So that includes horror, a lot books set in war zones, and the gritty mystery/suspense books. I’m not … Continue reading

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Grand Old Names

On this ‘Free Week’, I am inspired by a Facebook post shared by Denise Williams Salter, (the delightful and lovely wife of The Hound), about women picking their grandmother monikers: This is not just a ‘southern thing’, but the … Continue reading

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